Lead Nurturing

LeadMaster announced expanded lead nurturing capabilities to help clients maximize their sales and marketing return on investment.  The new lead nurturing features allow LeadMaster CRM customers to have a series of pre-programmed events, which automatically ‘nurture’ prospects without having to do anything other than, add the prospect to the appropriate lead nurturing ‘track’.

Have you tried it?

Let us know what you think.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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4 Comments on “Lead Nurturing”

  1. Lead Nurturing solves several typical problems…
    – Unqualified Leads Sent to Sales
    – Qualified Leads Aren’t Always Ready to Buy
    – Leads Get Lost

  2. SupportAP Says:

    Need help turning on Lead Nurturing? See our Support Category for help!

  3. Russ King Says:

    We are using the new lead nurturing tool for our internal sales team. It is very easy to use and is helping to ensure that our longer-term prospects are being properly managed.

    I can only imagine how many companies have nothing in place to help keep their prospects engaged within the selling process until they are ready to buy.

    We will be offering this tool as a value-added service to sales consultants and direct marketing organizations.

  4. Sam Momani Says:

    During leaner economic periods opportunity pipelines tend to have longer sales cycles. Lead nurturing enables customers to maximize the potential of longer term opportunities in their pipeline. Coupled with an effective CRM like LeadMaster, sales departments can ensure a healthier forecast and sales outlook. LeadMaster consultants are very knowledgeable in deploying lead nurturing processes that best fit your industry needs.

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