Being timed out?

We often hear that a user feels they are being timed out prior to the 60 minute system threshold.  The timeout clock is reset to zero with every database activity.  A database activity is when the user’s browser is interacting with the actual database.  This means hitting a Go/Submit/Add/etc button or even a record/lead or moving to a different area of the application.

This can be confusing to users.  When a user has a record/lead open and is changing the values on the screen for that record/lead they are not interacting with the database until the actual moment they hit the green “Go” button.  What this means is that if a user opens a record at 12:00pm and changes the phone field or selects a different value or types notes then at 12:30pm gets on the phone with a client or goes for that all important next cup of coffee and doesn’t get back to the record and hit the green “Go” button until 1:01pm they have just lost all their work and have been timed out.

While we can reduce the timeout duration we cannot increase it above 60 minutes.  Our recommendation is the old computer adage we’ve all heard for years.  SAVE OFTEN!

Your changes are not made to the record/lead in the database until you do hit that green “GO” button.

Occassionally a companies IT department will set users internet connection timeouts for a shorter period.  If you are sure you are being timed out early check with your IT department to see if they have set a shorter connection time for your companies computers.

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