Why choose a Sales & Marketing oriented CRM system?

Let’s imagine your CRM application as the human body.  Picture the sales and marketing database as its beating heart.  It works non stop at the very core of your CRM system, pumping the life blood — information — to and from all parts of the organization, connecting management, field sales, inside sales, marketing, the call center, and customer service.

A sales and marketing oriented CRM system stores and organizes leads from multiple sources (landing pages, email, trade shows, direct mail, call center, etc.) and distributes them according to predetermined rules.  It sends emails to the sales reps to let them know they need to logon to their CRM system because ‘They’ve Got Leads’.  And it does it automatically, without human intervention (workflow automation).

However, not all sales & marketing oriented CRM systems are created equal.  For example, SalesForce.com requires a 372 page book for ‘Dummies’ to explain the system.  If it takes 372 pages to explain how it works, chances are the sales team isn’t going to use it.  When was the last time you read a sotware manual?  When was the last time you read any manual, let alone a 372 page manual?

The sales team needs a system they can learn to use in about an hour.  Now that’s advanced CRM. That’s a sales and marketing oriented CRM system that will make your company as organized and efficient as any in the Fortune 500.  But wait, LeadMaster offers more than ease of use.

LeadMaster SalesForce
Available without a contract Yes No
Can be private labeled Yes No
Provides multi-tier lead management Yes No
Completely customizable Yes No
Top of the line pricing – per user $65/month $250/month

LeadMaster will also help you calculate ROI on your marketing programs so you can see what’s working and what isn’t.  It does this by tracking the leads from the first interaction with your prospects to closing the sale.  When you know which marketing campaigns generated which leads and how much was sold as a result – you’ll know the ROI for each of your marketing campaigns.

LeadMaster will help you uncover vital business intelligence like who your best target markets are, what industries they represent, the sales cycle and what they’re likely to buy next.  Management can view the big picture and make informed decisions to benefit the future of the company.

The right CRM system centralizes, organizes, and then shares the data needed to get the job done – help you sell.  That’s how LeadMaster gets the life blood of your company’s CRM pumping through its veins like never before.  Sales and marketing oriented CRM is LeadMaster’s specialty. You could say it’s at the very heart of our success.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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