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Customizing Labels in the LeadMaster System

November 5, 2009

LeadMaster allows virtually everything to be customzied.  One of the most popular changes are the labels or names of the fields.

LeadMaster has implemented a change to make labelsets easier to manage for workgroups and users.  You can now assign a labelset to a workgroup (the default is no labelset assigned).  When a user logs into a workgroup, the labelset is determined as follows:

  1. If the labelset is set for the user / workgroup combination (see Administration / Logon Management / Internal Settings), that labelset is used.
  2. If the labelset is set for the workgroup (see Administration / Manage Workgroups), that labelset is used.
  3. The labelset set for the user (see Administration / Logon Management) is used.

So now you can set a labelset for a workgroup and all users who log into that workgroup will use that labelset.  If you require certain groups of users to use a different labelset, you can set the labelset for the workgroup and then override that setting in the Internal Settings for the users who need to use a different labelset.

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