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A tutorial on using LeadMaster Lead Nurturing

December 23, 2009

It seems that some of our users aren’t taking advantage of the emarketing capabilities built into LeadMaster so I thought I’d provide some information on how to use Lead Nurturing

There are two ways to add contacts to a lead nurturing track, either individually or in groups.  Either way you’ll need to have a Lead Nurturing Track set up beforehand.

To add a group of contacts go to the search engine and select ‘Search Contacts’ (you can’t add contacts to a lead nurturing track from the Search Records results).  Enter your search criteria and select GO.  You’ll get your search results.  Then select ‘Attach to Lead Nurturing Track’ from the Options menu.

Add to Lead Nurturing Track

Add Contacts to Lead Nurturing Track

A window will open and you’ll be asked to select 1) The Lead Nurturing Track, 2) the start date and 3) whether you want just the records you’ve put a check mark next to or all the records in the search result.  After you make your selections click submit and your finished.  Those records will be added to a Lead Nurturing Track.

Assign the Lead Nurturing Track

Assign one of the Lead Nurturing Tracks to this list of contacts

In this example we are sending customers an email after they’ve seen a demonstration.  But what happens if they decide to purchase our product.  We don’t want to keep sending them emails about the demonstration.  At that point we’ll want to start a new track about the various features of our product.  But before we start a new track we’ll want to pause the old track.  Just search for one or more people and select Pause Lead Nurturing Track from the options menu.  Again you’ll select the track you want paused and whether or not you want just the contacts with the checkmark next to their name or the entire search results.

Pause the Lead Nurturing Track

You can pause a lead nurturing track

You can also add an individual contact to a lead nurturing track.  You start by finding the contact either through the search engine, searching from the home page, using one of your personal shortcuts or by clicking on accounts or contacts and either searching or clicking on the letter for their name.  Clicking on the contact will open their record.  Select the contact you’d like to add to a lead nurturing track by clicking on their name.

Select the contact from update or edit page

Select the contact from update or edit page

This will open the contact information window where you’ll be able to add, pause or delete them to/from a lead nurturing track.

Contact Information Page

Add, Pause or Delete Lead Nurturing from the Contact Information Page

Clicking add, pause or delete will take you back to the assign, pause or delete lead nurturing window.

Assign the Lead Nurturing Track

Assign one of the Lead Nurturing Tracks to this list of contacts

To see the results of your lead nurturing programs and monitor their progress select the lead nurturing report from the list of pre-defined reports.

LeadMaster Reports

This is the list of pre-defined LeadMaster reports

This will show you a summary of all your reports.

Lead Nurturing Report Summary

Lead Nurturing Report Summary

Then click on the track name to drill down to the detail – contact, current step, next step, next date, campaign etc.

Lead Nurturing Track Detail Report

Header for the Lead Nurturing Track Detail Report

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LeadMaster Newsletter – December 2009

December 22, 2009
The December edition of the LeadMaster newsletter.First, I’d like to wish all of our customers, business partners, friends and subscribers a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

This month I’ll share a success story from our friends in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Delivery Company. For those who aren’t familiar with Hong Kong, it’s one of the world’s leading centers for business. The city’s financial sector includes offices of nearly 75% of the world’s top 100 banks. Hong Kong’s business infrastructure includes the world’s busiest sea and air cargo facilities. With that said, I hope you enjoy the article below.

The Hong Kong Delivery Company

Profile: In 1993 two entrepreneurs commenced operations with The Hong Kong Delivery Company as the Asian head office for Royale International Couriers. Since then the company has grown to more than 200 staff with operations in 14 locations across Asia and around the world. HKDC is the largest independent international courier company in Hong Kong.

Challenges: With offices in Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Australia HKDC found that they had outgrown the Excel and paper-based system they used to track leads and manage their sales pipeline.

Significant time and sales admin resources were being dedicated to collating sales forecast information and statistics from across the region, massaging the data into meaningful reports and distributing them back to sales managers in the region as well as senior management in Hong Kong.

By the time the reports were completed much of the data was relatively old, and in their fast moving sales environment they provided limited value.

Solution: General Manager Scott Morson identified the need to change the way the sales team managed their portfolio of leads and accounts and selected LeadMaster as their vendor from a list of local and international vendors.

‘Hong Kong is an ideal location to base the company’s regional head office because of its open and internationally focused economy. Our office here acts as a regional coordination hub for the Royale Asia group,’ according to Scott.

Requirements: Morson went on to say, ‘Having a web-based system was very important to us because our sales teams are spread across many different locations and countries. We needed a real-time solution that could easily capture new leads and store them centrally. It was important too that the new system was very easy for the salespeople to use so that we avoided any user adoption issues.’

Staff from LeadMaster’s Hong Kong office engaged with Scott and his team to determine requirements and then created a solution to meet their needs.

‘Making a move to a new system was a very important strategic decision for the company,’ said founder and Director, Dean Locke. ‘We needed to radically simplify our front end sales lead management and provide real-time business intelligence dashboards to key staff.’

‘We were hopeful that we would see a fast ROI on our investment decision; however we were also keen to introduce simplicity and efficiency for the sales force. User adoption was swift and achieved with a minimum of fuss,’ said Locke.

Conclusion: ‘To date, the LeadMaster solution has exceeded our expectations. Early on we were delighted when one of our sales managers came to us to advise us that through the implementation of the LeadMaster solution they had discovered sales opportunities sitting in their pipeline that had previously not been visible to the team. They targeted those opportunities and quickly closed new revenue that provided an instant and significant ROI for the LeadMaster investment,’ added Morson.

A key aspect of LeadMaster’s philosophy is excellent customer support. ‘After 4 years of working with LeadMaster we are very happy with the level of support and continued engagement that we receive‘ said Scott Morson. ‘New features are being added all the time and we are constantly adapting the configuration of the solution to meet our ever changing business needs.’

According to David Mackey, CEO of LeadMaster Hong Kong Ltd, the SaaS solution model is a key to being able to provide this level of ongoing support and service. ‘Software-as-a-Service is an ideal method to deliver a software solution that can be continually adapted in real time to meet the inevitable changes in business needs,’ says Mackey. ‘If we had a deployed an on-premise solution then the degree of difficulty, cost and complexity of keeping all 14 different locations in sync would have been prohibitive.’

According to Scott Morson, ‘The LeadMaster solution has allowed us to transform our sales operations which means we can focus on our core business of delivering superior international courier services.’

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

LeadMaster Lead-Extreme with LeadCaster

December 11, 2009

LeadMaster announces real-time web tracking with LeadMaster’s online CRM software called Lead-Extreme.

Lead-Extreme provides a suite of powerful, easy-to-use website tracking tools that provide lead generation and measure the effectiveness of website performance, from pay-per-click and online marketing to search engine optimization. The teaming of the LeadMaster CRM with web tracking and lead generation tools offers customers a powerful combination that LeadMaster is calling ‘Lead Extreme‘.

With this robust new service, sales and marketing teams using LeadMaster will be able to easily identify website and landing page visitors, even when they have not filled out a registration form.  It’s like having “Caller ID” on your website and landing pages.  This combined solution will provide the visitor’s domain name, business address, phone number, email and web address.  Visitor alerts can easily be created to send an alert when a specific company is visiting a website or landing page.  With this solution,  LeadMaster now provides complete lifecycle management for leads from the time they first visit a website all the way through to the sale.

This partnership is a natural extension of the LeadMaster offering.  By providing website and landing page visitor information, LeadMaster customers will have a powerful tool to identify and convert web visitors.  Using the powerful workflow automation rules, LeadMaster customers will be able to easily separate leads from non-leads and automatically forward the leads to sales reps for follow-up.  By automating the analysis and distribution of lead information, this solution provides both the sales leads and the system to manage those leads. With LeadMaster’s multi-tier lead management distribution system, leads can even be passed to partners, automatically, or to an inside sales team for further qualification. The additional functionality provided by real-time web analytics incorporated into the LeadMaster solution will provide superior tracking activity for PPC programs, banner ads and online advertising, as well.

“The more people know about their online marketing programs, the better they’ll be able to optimize their efforts.  LeadMaster wants their customers to know everything they can about their online visitors,” said Russell King, LeadMaster CEO. “LeadMaster’s CRM solution is helping customers optimize their front office operations, including SEO. We have have always wanted the LeadMaster system to capture leads from every source. The Lead-Extreme solution now completes that vision.”

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

LeadMaster Launches New Website

December 7, 2009

The new LeadMaster website was launched today.

LeadMaster Website - Lead Management, CRM, Call Center Services

The new LeadMaster Website

The new website is organized into specific areas of interest:

There is a support section with tutorials, reference material and video training.

And there’s a section with LeadMaster News where you can view the news archive and sign up for the LeadMaster Newsletter.

Since the site has just been rolled out we’d appreciate your feedback.  Please post your comments here on this thread.

Happy Holidays,

The LeadMaster Team

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.