A tutorial on using LeadMaster Lead Nurturing

It seems that some of our users aren’t taking advantage of the emarketing capabilities built into LeadMaster so I thought I’d provide some information on how to use Lead Nurturing

There are two ways to add contacts to a lead nurturing track, either individually or in groups.  Either way you’ll need to have a Lead Nurturing Track set up beforehand.

To add a group of contacts go to the search engine and select ‘Search Contacts’ (you can’t add contacts to a lead nurturing track from the Search Records results).  Enter your search criteria and select GO.  You’ll get your search results.  Then select ‘Attach to Lead Nurturing Track’ from the Options menu.

Add to Lead Nurturing Track

Add Contacts to Lead Nurturing Track

A window will open and you’ll be asked to select 1) The Lead Nurturing Track, 2) the start date and 3) whether you want just the records you’ve put a check mark next to or all the records in the search result.  After you make your selections click submit and your finished.  Those records will be added to a Lead Nurturing Track.

Assign the Lead Nurturing Track

Assign one of the Lead Nurturing Tracks to this list of contacts

In this example we are sending customers an email after they’ve seen a demonstration.  But what happens if they decide to purchase our product.  We don’t want to keep sending them emails about the demonstration.  At that point we’ll want to start a new track about the various features of our product.  But before we start a new track we’ll want to pause the old track.  Just search for one or more people and select Pause Lead Nurturing Track from the options menu.  Again you’ll select the track you want paused and whether or not you want just the contacts with the checkmark next to their name or the entire search results.

Pause the Lead Nurturing Track

You can pause a lead nurturing track

You can also add an individual contact to a lead nurturing track.  You start by finding the contact either through the search engine, searching from the home page, using one of your personal shortcuts or by clicking on accounts or contacts and either searching or clicking on the letter for their name.  Clicking on the contact will open their record.  Select the contact you’d like to add to a lead nurturing track by clicking on their name.

Select the contact from update or edit page

Select the contact from update or edit page

This will open the contact information window where you’ll be able to add, pause or delete them to/from a lead nurturing track.

Contact Information Page

Add, Pause or Delete Lead Nurturing from the Contact Information Page

Clicking add, pause or delete will take you back to the assign, pause or delete lead nurturing window.

Assign the Lead Nurturing Track

Assign one of the Lead Nurturing Tracks to this list of contacts

To see the results of your lead nurturing programs and monitor their progress select the lead nurturing report from the list of pre-defined reports.

LeadMaster Reports

This is the list of pre-defined LeadMaster reports

This will show you a summary of all your reports.

Lead Nurturing Report Summary

Lead Nurturing Report Summary

Then click on the track name to drill down to the detail – contact, current step, next step, next date, campaign etc.

Lead Nurturing Track Detail Report

Header for the Lead Nurturing Track Detail Report

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