LeadCaster – The next generation of Lead Capture.

In today’s fast paced business you can’t afford to let website visitor details escape you. The answer is LeadMaster’s LeadCaster – the easy way to capture website visitor information.
You have a variety of options from the main menu. You can see where you traffic is coming from. What pages your visitors are viewing. You can even set up alerts – you’ll know when a big customer or perhaps the competition is checking you out and what they looked at.
The launch pad provides an overview of a variety of traffic information, from a live StatCaster® Ticker showing current visitor information, to types of traffic, to current bounce rates. The launch pad is where you monitor the pulse of your Website activity.
Live Leads
LeadMaster LeadCaster Live Leads
Live leads provides you with up to the minute information on who is visiting your site, how they got there and the search engine terms they used. The easy to use interface allows you to go back in history to see visitors over time. From here you can easily add visitors to your watch list so you’ll get an alert when they visit.
Page View Report
LeadMaster LeadCaster Page View Report
With the page view report you’ll know exactly how much traffic, unique visitors, return visitors, the bounce rate and the page views.
Search Engine Reporting and Keyword Analysis for SEO
LeadMaster LeadCaster SEO - Search Engine and Keyword Reporting
Are you advertising on blind faith or do you know what’s working. With our SEO reporting you’ll know exactly where you traffic is coming from. You can view reports for your top keywords, keyword analysis, page rank and you have a built-in SEO analyzer.
Traffic Sources Report
LeadMaster LeadCaster SEO - Traffic Sources Reporting
Are all those links you’re building really working. Now you’ll know. And you’ll know which ones are working with our detailed link by link report.
The Week at a Glance Report
LeadMaster LeadCaster
The green bars represent ‘type-in’ traffic and the gold bars represent search engine traffic.
Lead-Extreme, the first to offer real-time next-generation analytics reports, enables users to see how many people are on their Website “right now.” There is less than a tenth of a second delay between someone clicking on a page and that data being viewable in a LeadCaster reporting area.

LeadMaster LeadCaster is like ‘caller-id’ for the web. The next generation of Lead Capture.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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