New Feature – pURLs

As you know LeadMaster has a variety of email features built-in: single email messages, mass marketing email and lead nurturing email.  Now there’s a new feature available for all the built-in email functionality in LeadMaster – pURLs.

Why use a pURL?  Because you can personalize the email for this individual person.  This is especially effective if you are marketing to multiple market segments.  You wouldn’t want to send the same message to a channel partner as you would an end customer.  Right, so use a pURL.

Taking advantage of this new feature is a two step process.  Step 1 –  simply enter the pURL in one of your database fields.  Step 2 – using the Leadmaster email editor simply use the merge tool to insert the contents of the database field which contains your URL and voila – it’s a hyperlink when the email is sent.

Here’s a screenshot of the LeadMaster email editor with two fields inserted – the contact’s first name from the record (Ben in this case) and the pURL from one of the fields in the contact record (the URL is in this case).  Notice the ‘Insert Merge Field’ drop down menus.  That’s where you select the fields you want to insert.  Position your cursor at the appropriate spot in the email and click insert.

LeadMaster email editor with pURL

LeadMaster email editor with pURL

And this is what it looks like when I open the email.

An example on an email with a pURL

An example on an email with a pURL

More good news.  This new feature also works with LeadMaster workflow automation.


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