‘Technology User Database Latin America’ Teams with LeadMaster to Provide Data in CRM System

TUDLA, the world’s only market intelligence firm specializing in the research of technology and communication usage in Latin America and the Caribbean, announces its partnership with LeadMaster, a leading cloud computing solution for lead management, email marketing, and sales workflow automation. The result is the deployment of TUDLA data in the LeadMaster system to users across the globe.

With a projected 4.1 percent increase in gross domestic product for Latin American countries in 2010*, this market can be both appealing and unnerving due to the lack of data about businesses but especially about decision makers in such locales. Addressing this need, the TUDLA database provides clients data on over 66,000 businesses and 200,000 key contacts from all Latin American countries including Puerto Rico, Brazil, the Caribbean and Mexico. Moreover, to provide such crucial data to clients from all over the world, Technology User Database Latin America (TUDLA), part of the Infonertia family of companies, has partnered with LeadMaster to provide clients with Latin American business contact data on demand.

TUDLA’s highly coveted database of information has been the focal point of its offering to clients. However, by partnering with LeadMaster, TUDLA has taken an extra step in providing a valuable solution for their clients. Instead of delivering lists of data in spreadsheets, hard copies or other media, TUDLA is now able to pass key information directly to clients through a high-performance SaaS-based system. Users can access real-time industry-specific data with a click of the mouse simply via the Internet.

Gary Gorton, CEO of Infonertia observes, “We are seeing that Latin America is not only an emerging market but it is also showing signs of rebounding from the economic slump faster than other regions. This is evidenced by the growth in the new projects that our Research Assistants are noting in our files. Our LeadMaster implementation could not come at a better time; we can finally provide real-time access to this information so that clients can take immediate action based on such valuable data.”

TUDLA’s Research Assistants work directly out of the LeadMaster system, validating information by phone and taking note of in-depth interviews with IT-relevant decision makers for detailed technology and communication infrastructure details. Email addresses with opt-in approval are recorded and automatically validated. By creating one simple powerhouse of information, the TUDLA/LeadMaster partnership provides a unique formula for on-demand success in the Latin American market.

Moreover, access to the data is customized to the unique requirements of each TUDLA client. They receive just the countries, company sizes, types of businesses and contact titles that meet their specific needs. And, they receive it virtually immediately.

“The TUDLA LeadMaster combination offers a powerful solution that includes a robust search engine with all the great LeadMaster lead management features and, most importantly, the TUDLA contacts to help find opportunities. The TUDLA LeadMaster solution is an excellent resource for companies that want to increase their business in Latin America,” said Russ King, CEO of LeadMaster.

King continues, “We have always encouraged data and lead providers to offer their customers the option of receiving leads in the LeadMaster system. TUDLA now provides that precise solution for Latin America. This partnership is a natural extension of both the TUDLA and LeadMaster offerings, providing both the leads and the system to manage those leads. Sales and marketing teams using the TUDLA LeadMaster combination will be able to easily automate the analysis and distribution of sales lead information. With LeadMaster’s multi-tier lead management, leads can be distributed to sales reps and partners automatically, or to an inside sales team for further qualification and lead nurturing.”


TUDLA is part of the Infonertia family of companies that provide market intelligence for Latin America, Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. With over 30 years in the Technology and Communications data-gathering field with an emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean, TUDLA is known as the expert. Their mission is to bring those with Technology needs together with those who have solutions to those needs. TUDLA represents a consortium of IT Decision-Makers across the region and is in constant phone contact with them completing thousands of phone interviews every month. For more information visit TUDLA at http://www.tudla.com/ or call 619-442- 4445.

About LeadMaster

The LeadMaster Lead Management solution delivers lead management plus email marketing, lead nurturing, workflow automation, sales automation and customer management functionality in a single easy to use online application. The LeadMaster solution automates the capture, distribution and tracking of sales leads. The real time dashboard provides feedback throughout the sales cycle helping companies pinpoint leads that are converting into revenue, how those leads were acquired, and the return on the marketing investment necessary to acquire those leads. LeadMaster Lead Management products and services are available through a global network of value- added resellers, consultants and system integrators. For more information, please visit LeadMaster at http://www.LeadMaster.com or blog http://blog.LeadMaster.com or call 800-699-4164.

*Source: The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean




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