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The upside of immediately contacting a prospect

July 30, 2010

You’ve probably read it before either here or in the LeadMaster Newsletter but I’ll ask it again.

Question:  What’s the best time to call a prospect?
Answer:  Immediately after they express interest?

I brought this topic up previously when discussing LeadMaster’s ability to send text messages whenever someone fills out one of your landing pages.  LeadMaster’s workflow automation can not only send the text message but also assign the lead so that sales reps can instantly see what was filled out on the landing page and call the prospect within seconds.

There’s a new study out that quantifies why it’s important to get back with prospects immediately.  It turns out that you’ll have a much better chance of qualifying and closing the prospect.  Why?  Because if you can reach them right away you’ll be talking with them while they are working on the issue you’re calling about.  If you wait even 10 minutes they’ll be on to something else and then your call will be viewed as an interruption.

Even more interesting is that the longer sales reps wait the less likely they are to call the prospect.  The solution is LeadMaster.  Send a text message to the rep with the pertinent info and they can call the customer immediately.

Sounds simple and it is.  Just use LeadMaster to manage and track your sales leads and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your sales closing ratios.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

LeadMaster on the Radio August 12th

July 22, 2010

James W. Obermayer, executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association, announced today that the SLMA will host a weekly talk radio program centered around the topic of sales lead management.  Obermayer said, “Well-known radio commentator Will Crist will be our host and interviewer.   We’ll cover recent industry news and interviews with business leaders.  This is not simply blog radio or a podcast; it’s the new live web radio with all of the quality you expect from a professional radio program.”

SLMA Radio will start broadcasting Thursday, July 29th at 5 p.m. PST (California, US).   Listeners can connect via the SLMA Website.     Produced by Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, the SLMA Radio broadcast is also available through the OC Talk Radio website.    Host Will Crist said, “In our first broadcast on July 29th, we will interview Phil Fernandez, president and CEO of Marketo and Dan McDade, president, CEO and founder of PointClear.”

The second program will air Thursday, August 12th, when Crist interviews Gary Slack, CEO of Slack Barshinger and Chairman of the Business Marketing Association, and Andy Brownell, CMO of LeadMaster.    The third program, airing August 26th will feature Joseph Payne, CEO of Eloqua and Mac McIntosh, President of  Mac McIntosh, Inc., business to business sales lead expert.  By the beginning of September, broadcasts will air weekly.

SLMA vice president of marketing, Sue Campanale, said “This show is open to SLMA members and non-members alike; anyone interested may listen in.  Recorded broadcasts will also be archived on the SLMA site.   Interviewees will be provided a copy of the program they participate in.  Guests are subject to change.”


Commercials Accepted

Campanale also said, “We are accepting commercial advertisers for this new web radio program.   There will be three 60-second commercials per each 50-minute program.  Rates are available on the SLMA site.”


About the Sales Lead Management Association

The SLMA is an association with the mission of helping companies become successful in the critical business process of managing sales leads.  It has more than 2,500 members world-wide.  Membership is free.

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Media Contact:  Susan Campanale



The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

Mastering LeadMaster

July 20, 2010

Some of our clients will tell us occasionally, “It’s a shame LeadMaster doesn’t have (blank); it’d be a great feature to have.” To which I reply, “Yes, it would be a great feature to have; that’s why we have it!”

It seems that a lot of the frustration with many lead management / CRM systems stem from incomplete knowledge of what the system offers, or how to obtain that information.  Resellers and consultants are usually experts on the technology and help provide support and training, but still, this does raise the following point. If we are to get the most out of our investment, we must not only know which features are available, but also how to use them. And that’s the subject of our article today.

This article is actually going to be the first of a series to make sure you’re utilizing the most crucial features of LeadMaster. Today, we will focus on understanding some of the features LeadMaster has to offer on the marketing automation side. While some lead management / CRM solutions do not focus too heavily on marketing automation, this is one of LeadMaster’s key strengths and we believe a crucial building block for the relationship with your clients.  With increasing frequency, marketing automation is the way your prospects will be introduced to you and initial impressions are important.

Before we begin I’d like to remind you that we have a video library to help show you how to use LeadMaster and a support library for those who prefer the written word.  We also have a webinar every Tuesday at 2pm EST where we demonstrate some of the features of LeadMaster.

So let’s take it from the beginning. First, how are your leads getting into LeadMaster?  Are you taking advantage of LeadMaster’s web-to-lead capture?  If you receive leads from web pages, those leads can flow directly into LeadMaster, automatically.  LeadMaster also offers email parsing.  If you receive leads via email they can be parsed to flow into LeadMaster automatically. By taking advantage of these features, you will not only minimize the time you spend on routine tasks but will also ensure that no leads fall through the loops during your sales process.

Now, once your leads are in LeadMaster, you’ll want to send out email messages to your prospects to warm them up to your solution.  Are you doing this manually?  Is there a dedicated person who selects a group of people every so often and sends them literature or other marketing collateral via email?  Did you know that activity could be automated with LeadMaster?

LeadMaster’s easy-to-use, yet robust email automation feature again reduces your marketing team’s workload and improves the consistency of your e-marketing programs. With this feature, you can automate your outgoing emails to prospects, defining the content, start date and frequency, ensuring that they receive emails at specified intervals.  You can have hundreds of different information ‘tracks’ so that each type of prospect gets information that is pertinent to them.

When your prospects respond, you can pause their participation at anytime.  Fast, easy, and best of all, it’s automatic!  You can even tell LeadMaster to remind your reps to call the customer before or after they receive the information. Automating your lead nurturing provides consistent delivery of your message and gives your sales team more time to focus on revenue generating opportunities.

Once your leads are on an automated track, you’ll also want to keep track of who is reading your emails and how many times they’ve opened the email or clicked on a link, thus tracking the interest level and purchase potential. This is a crucial feature that you’ll use to differentiate your HOT leads from your WARM and COOL leads so you can focus on the HOT leads and convert them into sales quickly.  LeadMaster has a built-in report that provides you with this information, making it easy to focus on your HOT prospects.

And finally, to make sure that you’re getting the most bang from your marketing bucks, make sure to utilize the system’s marketing reporting features. LeadMaster was designed with built-in campaign management and analysis; you can quickly report the ROI of all your marketing campaigns and activities to ensure that your company is spending its marketing dollars wisely.

That’s it for now!  Make sure that you get the most out of LeadMaster by spending a little time initially to learn the vast array of tools you have at your disposal. Then you’ll see that LeadMaster is a truly wise investment in the huge earning potential of your company.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

Email Signatures

July 14, 2010

You asked for the ability to use multiple email signatures with LeadMaster email marketing and now you’ve got it.

It’s easy to create multiple signatures.  Click on User Settings then on Email Signatures and you’ll see your list of email signatures.

LeadMaster User Settings

LeadMaster User Settings

If you’d like to add a new email signature just click on the Add button and fill in the form.

New Email Signature Feature in LeadMaster

New Email Signature Feature in LeadMaster


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

‘Technology User Database Latin America’ se asocia con LeadMaster para proveer datos en sistema CRM.

July 2, 2010

TUDLA, la única firma de inteligencia de mercado especializada en la investigación del uso de tecnología y comunicaciones en Latinoamérica y el Caribe a nivel mundial, anuncia su asociación con LeadMaster, una solución de computación en nube para la administración de prospectos, mercadotecnia por email y automatización de flujo de trabajo de ventas. El resultado es la puesta en funcionamiento de los datos de TUDLA en el sistema LeadMaster a usuarios en todo el mundo.

Con un aumento del Producto Interno Bruto proyectado del 4.1%, para países de Latinoamérica en el 2010*, este mercado puede ser tanto atractivo como desconcertante debido a la falta de información sobre las empresas pero especialmente acerca de las personas que toman las decisiones en tales lugares.

Para satisfacer esta necesidad, la base de datos de TUDLA provee a sus clientes con información sobre más de 66.000 empresas y 200,000 contactos clave en todos los paises Latinoamericanos incluyendo Puerto Rico, Brasil, El Caribe, y México. Además, para proveer dicha información tan crítica a clientes de todo el mundo, Technology User Database Latin America (TUDLA), parte de la familia de empresas de Infonertia, se ha asociado con LeadMaster para proporcionar a sus clientes con datos de contacto de empresas latinoamericanas, bajo demanda.

La altamente codiciada base de datos de TUDLA ha sido el punto principal de su oferta a clientes. Sin embargo, al asociarse con LeadMaster, TUDLA ha ido un nivel más allá en cuanto a proveer una solución valiosa a sus clientes. En lugar de entregar una lista de datos en hojas de cálculo, en papel o por algún otro medio, TUDLA ahora pasará información clave directamente a sus clientes por medio de un sistema de alto rendimiento basado en tecnología SaaS. Los usuarios tendrán acceso a datos específicos de la industria en tiempo real con solo un clic de su mouse a través de internet.

Gary Gorton, CEO de Infonertia indica: “Estamos viendo que America Latina no es solo un mercado emergente, sino que también muestra signos de recuperación de la recesión económica a un ritmo más rápido que el de otras regiones. Esto se evidencia por el aumento en los nuevos proyectos que nuestros agentes están registrando en nuestra base de datos. Nuestra implementación de LeadMaster no podría presentarse en mejor momento; finalmente podemos proporcionar acceso en tiempo real a esta información de tal manera que nuestros clientes puedan llevar a cabo acciones inmediatas basadas en esta información tan valiosa”.

Los agentes de TUDLA trabajan directamente con el sistema LeadMaster, validando información por teléfono y tomando nota de entrevistas minuciosas con las personas que toman las decisiones relacionadas al campo de IT y a los detalles pertinentes al área de tecnología y comunicaciones.

Direcciones de correo electrónico con aprobación de ser incluidas (opt-in) son registradas y validadas automáticamente. Al crear un solo centro de información, la asociación TUDLA/LeadMaster proporciona una formula única para el éxito bajo demanda en el mercado de Latinoamérica.

Además, el acceso a la información es personalizado a los requerimientos únicos de cada cliente de TUDLA, ya que solo reciben los países, tamaños de empresas, tipos de empresas y tipos de contactos/prospectos que satisfacen sus necesidades específicas. Y lo reciben virtualmente de inmediato.

“La combinación TUDLA/LeadMaster ofrece una solución fuerte que incluye un mecanismo de búsqueda robusto con todas las grandes características de administración de prospectos de LeadMaster y sobre todo, los contactos de TUDLA para ayudarle a encontrar oportunidades. La solución TUDLA/LeadMaster es una fuente excelente para empresas que desean incrementar su negocio en America Latina”, dijo Russ King, CEO de LeadMaster.

King continua diciendo: “Siempre hemos alentado a proveedores de información y contactos para que ofrezcan a sus clientes la opción de recibir prospectos de ventas por medio del sistema LeadMaster. TUDLA ahora provee esa precisa solución para Latinoamérica. Esta asociación es una extensión natural tanto para los servicios de TUDLA como para los de LeadMaster, facilitándole a ambos los contactos y el sistema para administrarlos. Los equipos de ventas y mercadotecnia que utilicen la combinación TUDLA/LeadMaster podrán fácilmente automatizar el análisis y la distribución de información sobre prospectos de ventas. Con el sistema multi-nivel de administración de contactos de LeadMaster, los prospectos podrán ser distribuidos a representantes de ventas y socios automáticamente, o a todo un equipo de ventas para su futura distribución interna”.


Acerca de TUDLA
TUDLA es parte de la familia de empresas de Infonertia que provee inteligencia de mercado para America Latina, Asia, Europa y el resto del mundo. Con más de 30 años en el campo de recopilación de datos de tecnología y comunicaciones con un énfasis en Latinoamérica y El Caribe, TUDLA es reconocida como los expertos en el ramo. Su misión es poner en contacto a aquellos con necesidades en tecnología con aquellos que tienen las soluciones a esas necesidades. TUDLA representa un consorcio de los que toman las decisiones en IT a lo largo de la región y se mantiene en contacto constante con ellos, llevando a cabo miles de entrevistas telefónicas al mes. Para mayor información, visite la página de TUDLA en o llame al 619-442-4445

Acerca de LeadMaster
La solución de administración de prospectos de LeadMaster, proporciona administración de contactos y mercadotecnia por email, automatización de flujo de trabajo, automatización de ventas y administración de clientes en una sola aplicación en línea fácil de usar. La solución LeadMaster automatiza la captura, distribución y rastreo de prospectos de ventas. La consola en tiempo real proporciona la retroalimentación necesaria a través del ciclo de ventas ayudando así a las empresas a identificar prospectos y convertirlos en ingresos, cómo fueron adquiridos esos prospectos, y la ganancia de la inversión de mercadotecnia necesaria para adquirir esos prospectos.

Los productos y servicios para la administración de prospectos LeadMaster están disponibles a través de una red global de representantes, consultores e integradores de sistemas. Para mayor información, visite la página de LeadMaster en o su blog en o llame gratis al 800-699-4164.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.