Mastering LeadMaster

Some of our clients will tell us occasionally, “It’s a shame LeadMaster doesn’t have (blank); it’d be a great feature to have.” To which I reply, “Yes, it would be a great feature to have; that’s why we have it!”

It seems that a lot of the frustration with many lead management / CRM systems stem from incomplete knowledge of what the system offers, or how to obtain that information.  Resellers and consultants are usually experts on the technology and help provide support and training, but still, this does raise the following point. If we are to get the most out of our investment, we must not only know which features are available, but also how to use them. And that’s the subject of our article today.

This article is actually going to be the first of a series to make sure you’re utilizing the most crucial features of LeadMaster. Today, we will focus on understanding some of the features LeadMaster has to offer on the marketing automation side. While some lead management / CRM solutions do not focus too heavily on marketing automation, this is one of LeadMaster’s key strengths and we believe a crucial building block for the relationship with your clients.  With increasing frequency, marketing automation is the way your prospects will be introduced to you and initial impressions are important.

Before we begin I’d like to remind you that we have a video library to help show you how to use LeadMaster and a support library for those who prefer the written word.  We also have a webinar every Tuesday at 2pm EST where we demonstrate some of the features of LeadMaster.

So let’s take it from the beginning. First, how are your leads getting into LeadMaster?  Are you taking advantage of LeadMaster’s web-to-lead capture?  If you receive leads from web pages, those leads can flow directly into LeadMaster, automatically.  LeadMaster also offers email parsing.  If you receive leads via email they can be parsed to flow into LeadMaster automatically. By taking advantage of these features, you will not only minimize the time you spend on routine tasks but will also ensure that no leads fall through the loops during your sales process.

Now, once your leads are in LeadMaster, you’ll want to send out email messages to your prospects to warm them up to your solution.  Are you doing this manually?  Is there a dedicated person who selects a group of people every so often and sends them literature or other marketing collateral via email?  Did you know that activity could be automated with LeadMaster?

LeadMaster’s easy-to-use, yet robust email automation feature again reduces your marketing team’s workload and improves the consistency of your e-marketing programs. With this feature, you can automate your outgoing emails to prospects, defining the content, start date and frequency, ensuring that they receive emails at specified intervals.  You can have hundreds of different information ‘tracks’ so that each type of prospect gets information that is pertinent to them.

When your prospects respond, you can pause their participation at anytime.  Fast, easy, and best of all, it’s automatic!  You can even tell LeadMaster to remind your reps to call the customer before or after they receive the information. Automating your lead nurturing provides consistent delivery of your message and gives your sales team more time to focus on revenue generating opportunities.

Once your leads are on an automated track, you’ll also want to keep track of who is reading your emails and how many times they’ve opened the email or clicked on a link, thus tracking the interest level and purchase potential. This is a crucial feature that you’ll use to differentiate your HOT leads from your WARM and COOL leads so you can focus on the HOT leads and convert them into sales quickly.  LeadMaster has a built-in report that provides you with this information, making it easy to focus on your HOT prospects.

And finally, to make sure that you’re getting the most bang from your marketing bucks, make sure to utilize the system’s marketing reporting features. LeadMaster was designed with built-in campaign management and analysis; you can quickly report the ROI of all your marketing campaigns and activities to ensure that your company is spending its marketing dollars wisely.

That’s it for now!  Make sure that you get the most out of LeadMaster by spending a little time initially to learn the vast array of tools you have at your disposal. Then you’ll see that LeadMaster is a truly wise investment in the huge earning potential of your company.

The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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