The upside of immediately contacting a prospect

You’ve probably read it before either here or in the LeadMaster Newsletter but I’ll ask it again.

Question:  What’s the best time to call a prospect?
Answer:  Immediately after they express interest?

I brought this topic up previously when discussing LeadMaster’s ability to send text messages whenever someone fills out one of your landing pages.  LeadMaster’s workflow automation can not only send the text message but also assign the lead so that sales reps can instantly see what was filled out on the landing page and call the prospect within seconds.

There’s a new study out that quantifies why it’s important to get back with prospects immediately.  It turns out that you’ll have a much better chance of qualifying and closing the prospect.  Why?  Because if you can reach them right away you’ll be talking with them while they are working on the issue you’re calling about.  If you wait even 10 minutes they’ll be on to something else and then your call will be viewed as an interruption.

Even more interesting is that the longer sales reps wait the less likely they are to call the prospect.  The solution is LeadMaster.  Send a text message to the rep with the pertinent info and they can call the customer immediately.

Sounds simple and it is.  Just use LeadMaster to manage and track your sales leads and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your sales closing ratios.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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