Lead Aging

I received an email today talking about sales lead aging reports.  The email had a reference to how SalesForce does their lead aging.  I clicked on the link and found a discussion group.  The author was having problems creating the lead aging report.  He was trying to use this command and got a syntax error –
IF(ISPICKVAL(Status, “Unread”), ROUND(NOW()-CreatedDate, 0), null).
Apparently their system requires some programming knowledge to be able to create this kind of report.
There were several people who responded with some very helpful tips below:
Field Name: Status Duration
Datatype: Fomula(Number,0)
Formula:  NOW() – Status_Change_Date__c
Field Name: Status Change Date
Datatype: Date/Time
Datatype = Formula(Number,0)
IF(NOT( IsConverted ), ROUND(NOW()-CreatedDate, 0), NULL)

Unfortunately that didn’t make it any clearer for me.  Speaking for myself, I’m a marketing guy.  I really don’t want to learn a programming language to see a lead aging report.

LeadMaster has a menu selection that creates an easy-to-read chart and if you click on one of the bars on the chart it drills down to the accounts/contacts that are contained in that category.

LeadMaster Lead Aging Report Available from the Reports Menu

LeadMaster Lead Aging Report Available from the Reports Menu

Click here for a free 30-day trial.  No programming required.


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