New Feature – Additional Required Field Available – Marketing Mix

As part of the LeadMaster system you can specify which fields users must enter information into.  For example, if you are tracking Marketing ROI you probably want to know if the customer purchased your product.  So we have a field called ‘Sales Stage‘ where you can have a customized list of choices – one of which could be ‘Closed / Won’.  This will give you an excellent indication of how your marketing programs are going provided you know where that lead came from.

Set Required Fields now includes 'marketing mix'

Set Required Fields now includes ‘marketing mix’

That’s where this new feature comes in.  The ‘Marketing Mix’ field can now be made mandatory.  There are many ways leads can come into LeadMaster.  Some of them, like landing pages can automatically update the marketing mix (through either workflow automation or profile fields).  However, if leads are coming into your call center (or other avenue that doesn’t automatically update the marketing mix) you need to be able make the Marketing Mix field a mandatory update.

To set the Marketing Mix field as mandatory simply click on administration, click on ‘Set Required Fields’ and then click on the Marketing Mix field.


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