New Feature – Global Email Templates

I think everyone would agree, email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms of marketing available today.

However, crafting a good professional looking email can be a challenge.  So LeadMaster has done the hard work for you.  We’ve created about a dozen email templates for you to use.  They’re available for you to customize in the Email Templates section under Global Email Templates.

Global Email Templates Available in LeadMaster for Your Email Marketing

Global Email Templates Available in LeadMaster for Your Email Marketing

The Global email templates are read only, to use them you’ll need to do the following:

1) Open the template by clicking edit and then click the ‘save as’ button to save a personal copy of the template.

2) To modify the text in the email simply delete the old text and enter new text.

3) If the email template has a graphic that you want to customize (for example adding a logo to the banner) you can copy & paste the banner into a graphic editor, modify it, save it and then upload the new graphic to your template using the upload image button in the email editor.

4) You’ll want to modify the link behind the buttons – to modify the link you’ll need to click the HTML button at the top of the email editor, find the HREF and modify it.

If you have any suggestions for additional templates please let us know.


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