New Feature – Multiple Round Robin Queues

Introducing multiple round robin queues in LeadMaster.  When new leads are distributed by Round Robin a single queue isn’t always enough.  We heard your request for multiple queues and it has just been rolled into production.

If you’ve been using Round Robin this will be an easy upgrade to implement.  You’ll use the same interface as before to set up the round robin queue.  Simply give the queue a name – for example Northeast Region Sales Reps and then click on a rep and then click the add button for each rep you want to put in the queue.

New Round Robin - Allows Multiple=

New Round Robin – Allows Multiple Round Robin Queues

Here’s the interface for keeping track of all your round robin queues.  You can edit and/or delete the queues from here.  This is where you can specify that users must be logged in to be receive leads.  This is also where you specify whether it is the user’s choice to use the round robin queue, to always use the queue or never.

Multiple Round Robin Queues

Multiple Round Robin Queues

The multiple round robin queue feature is available from 1) adding new records 2) importing records and 3) workflow automation.  Using workflow automation with round robin is handy when leads are coming into LeadMaster via email, web sites, landing pages, http post etc.  When the leads arrive, as part of the workflow, text messages and email messages can be sent to let the sales rep know they’ve got a new lead.

Workflow Automation with Round Robin Lead Distribution

Workflow Automation with Round Robin Lead Distribution



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