New Features in the LeadMaster Search Engine

The first thing you’ll notice is that the search engine has a new tab at the top of the screen.  The first tab is for searching records and the second tab is for searching contacts.  Search contacts has always been available from the menu above but this makes it clear that you can either search by contacts or search by records.

Why the distinction?  Because some functions are based on contacts.  For example, if you wanted to add 100 people to a lead nurturing track you’d do that from the contacts page.

Next you’ll notice that many of the fields in the LeadMaster search engine have a new drop down menu in front of them.  This menu allows you to specify how you want to search for data in that field.  There are four choices

  1. Exact match – as the name implies the search term must match the database entry perfectly
  2. Begins with – if no selection is made from the drop down this is the default
  3. Contains – if the word or phrase you’re looking for is somewhere in the middle this is a good option
  4. No Value – this is handy when you’re looking for records without any data

For the numeric fields the options are =, <, > and ‘no value’.  For fields that have two numbers, such as # of employees the options include ‘between’.

LeadMaster's updated search engine

LeadMaster’s updated search engine


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