Speed + Technology Improves Sales Lead to Sales Closing Ratio

The most crucial factor when trying to convert leads into sales is response time.  Consider the following statistics.

  • The odds of connecting with a lead increases 100 times if attempted within 5 minutes versus 30 minutes.
  • If you can respond to a lead within the first 5 minutes the odds of reaching and qualifying that lead are 21 times greater than if you wait an hour.
  • 75% of internet leads that convert will buy from the first person with whom they talk.

The message is loud and clear. SPEED MATTERS. But speed isn’t always easy. Back when the telephone was our primary customer interface, speed was as easy as having enough telephone receptionists available. But what about now, in the technology era, when requests arrive via email and online forms 24×7?

The answer is simple, LeadMaster workflow automation.  Hopefully, by now, you’re using the workflow automation feature with great ease. That’s excellent!  Did you know that your sales reps and partner reps can receive a text message anytime a new lead enters the system or was assigned to them? By being alerted to a new lead no matter where they are, your sales team can convert MORE leads into customers FASTER.

There is a vast array of technology available to improve the quality and close ratio of your leads.  Online lead generation is constantly growing, accounting for more than 40% of total sales last year.

And what’s LeadMaster doing to provide you with online leads?  Well, we’re focusing on two areas specifically.
The first thing we’re working on is our Lead Xtreme product.  Your online advertising hasdone a good job of driving potential customers to your webiste, but less than 2% of those visitors provide their contactinformation – so how do you identify visitors if they aren’t filling out one of your online forms?  The answer is LeadMaster Lead Xtreme.  Xtreme provides detailed information about companies that visit your website, even when they don’t identify themselves.  So you can convert that information into actionable leads, and it happens in real time.  Here’s a video demonstration of the LeadXtreme technology.

Secondly, we’re working with lead providers, validators, qualifiers and lead scoring companies to help them integrate their solutions/leads into LeadMaster.  These partners will deliver leads directly into your LeadMaster system – and workflow will send a text message to your reps in real-time.  Some of these companies have even offered a promotional discount for LeadMaster clients (details below and on the website).  You can see some of the providers we are working with on our lead provider web page (click here).
Here are four companies that LeadMaster is working with that offer unique solutions (in alphabetical order) to help you drive more business: Integrate.comLead Decisioning SystemsLeadQualSpeak2Leads.
Integrate – Systems Unified, Marketing Simplified

Integrate provides a unique customer acquisition platform that allows you to consolidate and simplify all your marketing and lead generation activity in one online system.
You can create highly customized campaigns that are automatically matched with qualified publishers who can fulfill utilizing virtually every possible method, both online and offline.  You’ll get real-time, exclusive leads that are specifically targeted to your audience.

And here’s something you won’t find everyday.  Integrate gives you access to each individual publisher, allowing you to communicate, negotiate, and optimize each relationship. With this visibility you can track each publisher’s performance and allocate your dollars to the highest performing publishers to maximize your ROI.

Your leads are screened by Integrate’s quality control to validate the prospect’s phone, email and address, so that you receive the highest quality leads.  Additionally, at your request, the Integrate in-house call center can be used to further screen leads prior to your taking delivery.

Integrate is offering LeadMaster clients a $150 credit toward your first lead campaign.  You can reach Integrate.com at 866-478-0326 x7017 or visit their website atwww.integrate.com/leadmaster to redeem this offer.

Lead Decisioning Systems – Smarter Decisions, Better Performance

The Lead Decisioning Systems improve both lead quality and campaign profitability through lead validation and lead scoring.
Integrate.comLead Validater is the only 3rd generation lead validation solution that not only validates the accuracy of the individual pieces of a consumer lead (name, address, and phone), but also models the accuracy of the connections between these three critical pieces of the lead’s information.  Lead Validater’s methodology of validating leads not only ensures the highest contactability rates for your leads but also dramatically increases the quality of the name, address, and phone number connections, leading to increased sales effectiveness and close rates.

The patent pending Lead Decisioning Scoring Platform is the only lead scoring solution built specifically for the lead generation industry, incorporating experience-based decision trees, heuristics, and 3rd party data to deliver more accurate results.  Lead Decisioning scores leads in real-time, and increases conversion rates by 25% – 50%, giving you the ability to work with more lead generators and publishers of varying quality.

Lead Decisioning offers easy integration with the LeadMaster platform.  Lead Decisioning is offering LeadMaster clients a 20% discount.  Simply call 773-248-1910 and mention the promo code ‘LeadMaster‘ to receive your discount.  You can read more about Lead Decisioning atwww.LeadDecisioning.com

LEADQUAL – Generate, Qualify and Convert Internet Leads

LeadQual improves the conversion of internet leads by providing a rapid phone response to the initial inquiry.
Lead DecisioningLeadQual will make an outbound call to the lead within two minutes, qualify the lead based on your specific sales criteria and then live transfer the qualified and interested leads to your sales team.  Since they call so quickly – last month they called in an average of 43 seconds – and ensure 100% of the leads are called, contact rates are usually twenty to thirty percent higher than most companies can achieve on their own.  And since LeadQual is almost always the first to speak to the prospective buyer, LeadQual presents your company first – forcing competition to play catch up. This dramatically increases close rates.

LeadQual is offering a special promotion to LeadMaster clients.  Clients that sign up by October 31 will receive a 10% discount off their monthly fees.

Here’s how the program works:  If a lead isn’t called by one of your sales associates within ‘X” minutes, then LeadMaster can email that lead to LeadQual and LeadQual will call the lead on your behalf, qualify and then post back to LeadMaster.   After reaching a prospect LeadQual will do a hot transfer to your reps (it requires a piece of software on our sales reps computer – when they click ‘I accept this message’ their phone will ring and they’ll be connected to 3 way conversation with the prospect).  LeadQual normally works on a cost per lead basis – around $5 per lead and they’ll call up to 5 times.  For more information, call 312.543.6751 or email gcoleman@leadqual.com.

Speak2Leads – Response Simplified
The Speak2Leads’ S2L by Phone solution converts internet leads into immediate phone calls.
Here’s how it works: when a website visitor fills out your inquiry form on any landing page or website and hits the Submit Button, your phone rings at your business immediately.  You can designate any number(s) based on any business rules.

Using text to speech technology, Speak2Leads will tell your sales reps the name of the person who filled out the form and what they’re looking for.  You’ll be prompted to Press 1 if you’d like to speak to the lead.  When you Press 1 an outgoing call is generated to the person who filled out the web form.  This enables you to follow up on leads in seconds, no matter where your sales reps may be at the time, whether they’re at their desk or out of the office.

When you are the first one to speak to a lead, you’ve got a huge competitive advantage.  When you add up the increased connectivity and receptivity of your internet leads, you’ll see a dramatic return on your internet lead investment.
You can read more about Speak2Leads at www.speak2leads.com or call 619-770-1993.


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