Lead-Xpress Provides Industry-Leading Lead Management CRM at a Rock-Bottom Pricing.

Lead-Xpress is Ideal for Companies that Sell through Sales Agents, Have a Large Sales Force or Distribute Leads to Channel Partners.

Roswell, Ga. – November 9, 2010 – LeadMaster announces the launch of Lead-Xpress, an enhancement to its existing cloud-based CRM and lead management solution.

Typically a cloud-based CRM cost between $65 and $125 per user per month, one vendor even has a version for $250 per user per month. By comparison, companies can use Lead-Xpress with a monthly subscription of $10 or less per Lead-Xpress user or for $2 or less per outgoing lead.

For the first time in the history of cloud-based lead management, companies can maintain the top-tier functionality necessary to maintain and grow their business while lowering costs.

Andy Brownell, LeadMaster CMO says, “In this economy we wanted to help companies save money on their CRM licenses. We are introducing Lead-Xpress for those users that only require access to the CRM to update the status of an account or lead. In an organization with a large sales force, the savings could add up to millions of dollars over the course of a typical contract for cloud-based CRM. Additionally, LeadMaster doesn’t require long-term contracts. The number of users can be reduced or expanded at any time.”

Here are some of the key questions to answer in order to determine if Lead-Xpress is right for you.

  • · Do you have a large sales force?
  • · Does training sales reps on your current CRM solution take more than 5 minutes per rep?
  • · Do you want a simple way for sales reps to update accounts and leads without paying for a full-featured CRM?
  • · Do you sell indirectly through sales agents, resellers, dealers, distributors or business partners?
  • · Do you track your sales leads?
  • · Is your sales team reluctant to use your current CRM solution?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need Lead-Xpress.

Lead-Xpress solves the issues of inefficiency, miscommunication and staggering costs involved with managing leads through a distributed sales force, independent sales agents or multiple sales channels by providing access to the CRM through an email – without having to login to the CRM.

Lead-Xpress also allows managers to send leads and requests for updates to accounts or leads directly from the LeadMaster system to the sales rep via LeadMaster’s built-in email function. The sales rep receives the email, which contains a link to a simple form. The form is linked to the CRM so the rep can update the status of the account or lead. It takes seconds to complete and can even be done from a mobile phone at no additional charge.

No training is necessary; the manager no longer has to hound reps to record the account and lead’s status; and sending leads and update requests through LeadMaster is fast and simple, requiring only 2 or 3 clicks in the system.

By providing a simple lead management solution at rock-bottom prices, Lead-Xpress drastically reduces the cost for a company to track leads as they move through their sales force and/or channel partners.

Moreover, the Lead-Xpress form can be customized to better meet individual company requirements. The customizable Lead-Xpress form can be viewed and submitted from any Internet browser or web-enabled phone; again there’s no additional cost for the mobile client. In fact, the system can be configured so that reps immediately receive a text message each time a new lead is assigned. Studies have shown the faster you respond to a lead the better the chances you’ll close the sale. Sending text messages with leads will help reps respond to leads faster resulting in more sales.

With Lead-Xpress information is more accurate and up-to-date. As a result, forecasts and reports are more accurate, leading to better business decisions and a more efficient lead management process across all sales channels.

And by automating the update and assignment process, Lead-Xpress minimizes errors and streamlines the lead distribution and update process.

Russ King, CEO of LeadMaster, comments, “We’re very proud of this latest innovation to provide the very best CRM solution at the industry’s most affordable prices. In terms of improving lead management with a large distributed sales force or a large number of sales agents, Lead-Xpress truly is the only solution that provides full function CRM as well as easy-to-learn and easy-to-use features.”

About LeadMaster
LeadMaster offers on-demand customizable SaaS solutions combining sales lead management software, lead tracking solutionssales force automation tools (SFA), customer relationship management features (Sales CRM) and virtual call center solutions. This powerful web-based application has helped companies large and small from virtually every industry. The LeadMaster solution is intuitive and easy to use, providing real-time lead capture, lead distribution, lead tracking, lead nurturingcustom reporting and email marketing. LeadMaster makes it easy to qualify and convert leads from virtually any source – landing page, call center, webinar, sales lead suppliers and more. The LeadMaster product is straightforward and easy to learn yet has robust features like workflow automationround-robin lead distributionmobile access, CRM analytics and Outlook integration. 
 LeadMaster’s products and services are available through a global network of value-added resellers, consultants and system integrators. For more information, please visit the LeadMaster at http://www.LeadMaster.com.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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  1. Hi Russ,

    Lead-Xpress sounds interesting and innovative and something our readership would be keen to hear about. We’d like to conduct a review in due course – who would be our point of contact at your company if you’re interested?


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