More E-Marketing Best Practices

Good news, you’ve discovered just how easy LeadMaster is to use for E-Marketing.  Now your challenge is to make sure your messages get delivered so they’ll be opened.

Here are a few suggestions.

First, use an opt-in list.  You can either build your list from your customer base or you can buy an opt-in list.  Don’t use a program that scours the internet for email addresses.

Second, check ‘Bounced Email Messages’ in the Admin section of LeadMaster.  If you got a hard bounce it means that email address no longer exists.  Sending to it again will mark you as a spammer.  Solution?  In ‘Bounced Email Messages’ select all the hard bounces and then ‘Disable Email Addresses’ and then ‘Delete Bounce Records’.  What about soft bounces?  Check the date – if they bounced a while ago then just delete the notice, whatever the problem it has been cleared up.  If you’ve received a soft bounce for every message you’ve sent in the last month then it’s time to Disable and Delete.

Third, make sure your messages aren’t caught by spam filters.  Typically spam filters use an algorithm to determine an email’s ‘spam score’.  If your email scores high enough it will be determined to be spam and either a) not get delivered or b) get delivered to the junk mail / spam folder.

There are tools available to give you an indication of your spam score.  The one I use is Mailing Check.  You can download it from this link  It provides both a numerical rating and text rating (good, bad, not-bad).  To use Mailingcheck you’ll need a .eml file.  To create that, send yourself the email and save that email to your local computer.

Here are some of the things that will significantly increase your spam score

  • Act Now!
  • One of a Kind Opportunity!
  • Lots of CAPITALIZATION and exclamation points!!!!
  • Multiple references to money – eg. money back guarantee, lowest price etc.

The LeadMaster newsletter for November gets a MailCheck score of 2.2 (not bad).  It has lots of links and images which also increase the spam score.

Announcing Lead-Xpress | LeadMaster Newsletter

There is no definitive number that you need to keep your spam score below in order to avoid the junk folder because each mail server setup is uniquely determined by the person who installed it.

The criteria for ‘what is spam’ is constantly evolving.  Many spam filters are in constant communication either with the software company that developed them or with each other sharing their list of rules.  So the spam filter rules grow over time as more people click on the button ‘This is Spam’ in their email program.

With this information you should see maximum returns from your E-Marketing campaigns.  Good selling.


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