New Feature – Workflow Process for Assigning Records

While you’ve always been able to assign records via LeadMaster workflow automation you can now have record assignment be the condition for which a workflow is initiated.

For example, records could previously be assigned if they came from a specific campaign, or if the lead value was < or > $x, or if the lead source was XYZ etc.  With this new feature you’ll be able to initiate the task manager whenever a record is assigned.  Here are the details.

The ‘Automation and Workflow Management’ feature has been enhanced to allow workflow processes to be defined for use when assigning records.

When a workflow process that applies to assigning records is defined, the following differences apply:

1. The condition is cannot be specified – ‘Always’ is the condition.

2. The only action available is ‘Add Task’.

Workflow processes are evaluated when records are assigned:

1. From the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Search Results’ pages.

2. From the ‘Sales Update’ page.

3. From the ‘Edit Profile’ page.

Workflow Condition - Assigning Records

Workflow Condition – Assigning Records

Here are 3 examples of how you can use the new feature.

  1. A sales manager is having a hard time keeping track of sales leads.  Many leads have the lead status ‘could not reach’ for an extended period of time.  It appears the rep tried to reach them a couple of times and then forgot about them or moved on to something else.  Whenever a new lead is assigned a task is created so that if lead status = could not reach after X minutes or days the sales manager is notified and the lead is reassigned to inside sales and put on a lead nurturing track.
  2. The sales manager wants leads followed up within 5 minutes.  They first creates a workflow that automatically assigns the leads.  The workflow could be based on zip codes, lead value or any number of criteria.  Once the lead is assigned they creates a task so that if the lead status doesn’t change within 5 minutes the lead is reassigned – could be a specific rep or could be a round robin.  The new rep will be alerted with a text message & email to followup within 5 minutes or it will get reassigned – perhaps on the second reassignment it goes to the manager.
  3. The sales manager wants to know about any big deal.  Many of the reps leave the ‘lead value’ field empty.  The task is for the sales rep to enter a value (other than $0) into the Lead Value field within the first week after the lead is assigned.


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