Improved Feature – Handling of Bad Email Addresses

LeadMaster has improved the way it handles bad email addresses.  Before explaining the updates let’s do a quick review.

There are two types of email bounces – hard & soft.  A hard bounce indicates the email address doesn’t exist.  A soft bounce indicates there was a failure delivering the email.  The cause may have been a full mailbox, email server was offline etc.

When sending E-marketing messages it is best practice to mark hard bounces as having a bad email address.  Mail servers may block all mail from you if you repeatedly send mail to a bad address on their domain.

LeadMaster’s email marketing feature allows you to easily send e-marketing messages.  This is great for communicating with prospects and customers.  However, you need to make sure you aren’t sending email to an address that has already bounced.  LeadMaster helps you manage your bounced emails.

Bounce Management is built-in to the email marketing component of the LeadMaster Lead Management / Opportunity Management / CRM system.  That means you can manage bounces anytime you send emails from LeadMaster.  To access the Bounce Manager click on Administration in the top navigation bar, then click on ‘Bounced Email Addresses’.

The following updates have been made to the handing of bad email addresses:

1. ‘Administration’ / ‘Bounced Email Addresses’ – clarified the capability to mark an email address as bad.

Bounced Email Manager

Bounced Email Manager

2. LeadMaster won’t send email messages to an email address that you’ve marked as bad.

  • The following LeadMaster email functions will not send an email message to a contact with an email address that has been marked as bad.
    • ‘Search Results’ / ‘Options’ / ‘Send Email’
    • ‘Accounts’ / ‘Options’ / ‘Send Email’
    • ‘Contact Search Results’ / ‘Options’ / ‘Send Email’
    • Contacts’ / ‘Options’ / ‘Send Email’
    • ‘E-Marketing’ / ‘Launch An Email Campaign’

3. Indication of a contact with a bad email address – the ‘Contacts’ section of the ‘Sales Update’, ‘View Profile’ and ‘Edit Profile’ pages indicate if an email address has been marked as bad by highlighting the email address in red:

Bad Email Visual Indicator - Email Address Displays in Red

Bad Email Visual Indicator – Email Address Displays in Red

4. Searching for contacts with bad email addresses – the ‘Search Contacts’ page now includes an option for searching for contacts with bad email addresses:

Search Contacts for Bad Email Addresses

Search Contacts for Bad Email Addresses

Email Marketing Bounce Management Best Practice

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