Chat with LeadMaster available from

LeadMaster now has chat available from their website.  When operators are standing by you’ll see the ‘Chat Now’ icon on the website.  If all operators are busy you’ll be added to a queue for the next available operator.  If no operators are online you’ll see a message ‘Email Help – Chat Offline’.  LeadMaster has Lead Management / CRM experts, consultants, tech support and marketing available via chat.

Chat- Available-On-LeadMaster-Website

Chat- Available-On-LeadMaster-Website

Combine Chat with Lead-Xtreme and you’ll be able to initiate a chat with your website visitors you want to contact, even when they don’t initiate the chat.

You may have heard about the Lead-Xtreme product or seen the video on the LeadMaster home page.  Lead-Xtreme tells you when someone is visiting your website, the name of the company, their location, their IP address, the pages they’ve visited, where they were referred from, the search terms if they came from a search engine etc.

Most website chat solutions have the ability to reach out to website visitors.  This combined solution of chat & Lead-Xtreme provides a great way to identify good prospects and interact with them.  As your website visitors are scrolling across the ticker tape in LeadMaster and you see a company you’d like speak with just initiate a chat.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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