New Feature – Stop Lead Nurturing Tracks with Workflow Automation

LeadMaster’s workflow automation continues to evolve.  The latest enhancement allows you to stop a lead nurturing track based upon a wide variety of conditions such as – sales stage, lead status, campaign, lead value, forecast date, lead source, marketing mix, the assigned sales rep or partner rep, custom fields and more.

Stop Lead Nurturing Tracks with Workflow Automation

Stop Lead Nurturing Tracks with Workflow Automation

LeadMaster’s workflow automation allows you to start a lead nurturing track through workflow automation.  One of my favorite uses for this is when someone fills out a LeadMaster landing page.  As part of the process of sending the information to the LeadMaster CRM system, it gets assigned in the following ways:

  • a marketing campaign (LeadMaster tells you which campaigns are working best, cost per lead, ROI etc)
  • a lead source (Google, Bing, Banner Ad, Specific Sponsorship etc),
  • a sales rep
  • and one of my favorites a lead nurturing track

Those are assignments used at LeadMaster.  There are many other options.

Now depending upon what page they filled out they’ll be assigned a different lead nurturing track.  For example, if they filled out a google landing page they’ll get general information about LeadMaster and an invitation to test drive the system.  If they filled out a test drive form they’ll get tips about getting started with LeadMaster and an invitation to our regular Tuesday webinar at 2pm EST.

Now that’s great but once a lead / prospect turns into a customer those lead nurturing tracks are no longer pertinent.

In the past I’d have to search the system for records with sales stage set to ‘customer’ and then manually stop the lead nurturing tracks.  Good news.  Now that happens automatically.

This new enhancement takes lead nurturing and drip marketing to the next level.


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