New Task Management Features

The task manager provides a business rules feature for managing your sales process and leads. With task management integrated into the ‘Automation and Workflow Management’ feature, a task can be created and associated with a specific record and can be assigned to the group, account manager, partner or partner rep associated with the record.  Tasks are considered complete when a specific action has been completed.  Those actions can be based upon a variety of conditions such as – sales stage, lead status, campaign, lead value, forecast date, lead source, marketing mix, the assigned sales rep or partner rep, custom fields and more.

Now you have the ability to specify an action for both a complete and incomplete task.  Actions include: updating the records, assigning or reassigning the records, sending a text message, sending an email, sending a request to update the record (Lead-Xpress), stop a Lead Nurturing Track or repeat the task.

Updated LeadMaster Task Management Features

Updated LeadMaster Task Management Features

‘Stop Lead Nurturing Track’ is also a new feature in the Task Manager.

The “Stop Lead Nurturing Track” action includes the following elements:

1.     Track – select list of ‘All lead nurturing tracks’ plus the available lead nurturing tracks

a.     If ‘All lead nurturing tracks’ is selected, any lead nurturing tracks the contact(s) are on are stopped

b.    If a particular lead nurturing track is selected, only that lead nurturing track is stopped for the contact(s)

2.     Contacts selection

a.     Change ‘All contacts that meet the search criteria’ to ‘All contacts in the record’

b.    Change ‘Only primary contacts that meet the search criteria’ to ‘Only primary contact’

Here’s an example of how you might use these features.  Suppose you are in the software business and one of the stages in your sales process is to demonstrate your software.  The sales manager creates a task for the sales reps such that anytime a new lead is assigned to a sales rep they have 2 weeks to update the sales stage to ‘demo completed’.  If that doesn’t happen within two weeks add the prospect to a lead nurturing track about the benefits of your software product including an invitation to a demonstration.  If the demonstration is completed within two weeks then add the prospect to a lead nurturing track with information about how to use the software and stop any lead nurturing tracks inviting them to a demonstration.


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