Improving Productivity with Lead-Xpress – SaaS Lead Management CRM

Recent studies indicate that a majority of sales reps using the brand name CRM products use less than 50% of the features of the system.  The number one reason cited was difficulty using the product.

LeadMaster’s primary design criteria were ease of use for the sales rep.  The most popular software as a service CRM solution requires a dozen clicks of the mouse to make a note in the system that the sales rep left a voicemail.  LeadMaster has a feature called ‘Click-Actions’ that allows frequently performed tasks to be reduced to a single click of the mouse.  For example, a click action could update the notes, send an email, schedule a callback and add the contact to lead nurturing all with two clicks – a single click of the mouse for the click action and then click go.

A complex CRM system isn’t the only reason implementations don’t go as well as expected.  Lack of functionality is also cited as a key factor.

A software company recently called LeadMaster.  They had spent $370,000 in development costs on customizing their open source CRM solution.  They had called LeadMaster because they required functionality that their in-house solution didn’t provide.  If a software development company with plenty of programming talent can’t accomplish their goals with $370,000 what chance does the average company have?

Many companies are finding that CRM is great for managing customer interactions but they were also looking for something to manage interactions with prospects as well.  What they were really looking for was a Lead Management / Opportunity Management / CRM system.  And unfortunately many of the big name SaaS CRM tools fall short of customer needs.

Businesses are constantly trying to find new ways to cut costs while improving productivity. And while the solution eludes many, Lead-Xpress from LeadMaster provides a Lead Management / CRM solution that truly reduces costs while boosting productivity.  LeadMaster provides an all-in-one solution.  LeadMaster includes Lead Management, Opportunity Management and CRM features.  Some of the LeadMaster built-in features include Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing, Workflow Automation, Outlook Integration, Google Calendar Synchronization, Round Robin Lead Distribution, Duplicate Record Management, Sophisticated Reporting, Report Subscriptions and Automated Task Management to name a few.


The all-in-one solution for managing leads and customer relationships, automating marketing, email marketing, call center and inside sales.

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