New Automation Feature – Assign to the Group or Partner

One of LeadMaster’s marketing automation / workflow automation functions provides for the automatic assignment of records or customers/leads/prospects etc.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Just set the criteria and assign the record(s).  It’s all done with point and click so it’s easy.

When assigning records, sales reps and partner reps are assigned to a level above them.  In the image below I’m using Sales Managers and Partners as the level above the Sales Rep and Partner Rep – so every sales rep is assigned to a sales manager.  The levels are customizable so your workgroup might say ‘Group’ instead of Sales Manager.  Again, pretty straightforward.

In the past when you assigned a record/prospect/lead/customer to either a Sales Rep or a Partner Rep you would automatically be assigning their associated Sales Manager or Partner.

Assign to Group Level or Partner Level in Marketing Automation / Workflow Automation

Assign to Group Level or Partner Level in Marketing Automation / Workflow Automation

Some customers wanted to assign just the sales manager without assigning to a rep so they could add a marketing/workflow automation task for the sales manager.  For example, suppose the sales manager wants to see every lead before they are assigned.  That’s a reasonable request.  But as we all know speed to lead is important so we don’t want those leads sitting around getting stale waiting for the sales manager to assign them so we add a task to the automation that says if the lead hasn’t been assigned within 15 minutes it will be assigned by automation.

Before this new automation update you’d have to have a sales rep in the hierarchy called something like ‘Leads Queue’.  So that you could assign the lead to the sales manager without actually assigning it to a sales rep.  Then the workflow and task manager would work as described above.

This latest enhancement allows you to assign to a sales manager or partner without having to assign to a sales rep or partner rep.

Please note that if you select a sales manager and then select a sales rep, the sales manager will be deselected because the sales rep is assigned in combination with the sales manager automatically.  The same is true for the partner / partner rep.


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