LeadMater F.A.Q – some negative ‘phishing’ effect

Is there some way to test and verify that an email being sent from my email address by the LeadMaster server does not have some negative ‘phishing’ effect?

  • A “phishing” error message is triggered by the tracking code that LeadMaster inserts into email messages sent from the system in order to “track” when someone opens on an email, clicks on a link etc for E-marketing reporting.  The email sent from LeadMaster with the “tracking code image” in it is seen by the users settings as an attempt to verify an email address, “Phishing”.
  • The recipient must have emails coming from “you” thru the system added to the “Trust Center”.  In Outlook go to Tools >Trust Center >Select Automatic Download and review the settings.  IF “Permit downloads in e-mail messages from senders and to recipients defined in the Safe Senders and Safe Recipients List used by the Junk E-mail filter, AND/or Permit downloads from Web sites in this security zone: Trusted Zone are enabled then the end user will need to add you to their safe senders list, which can be found under “Tools > Options”.  Typically, “*.crmtool.net” can be added and that will cover it.  In some cases the user may need to add your specific email address and/or select the option to automatically add “Contacts” to their “Safe Senders” list.


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