LeadMaster F.A.Q – reconfigure the registry on my PC

How can I reconfigure the registry on my PC as it relates to storing my LeadMaster credentials for the Outlook sync tool?

  • Uninstalling and reinstalling will not help.  However, there is a way to have the email history add-in wipe out the logon information, which in turn will prompt the user for the logon information.  Here are instructions; these require the user to have permission to access the Registry on their system.
  • On the LeadMaster support page is a REG file that you will use to wipe out the logon information in the registry. It’s been renamed because Outlook blocks files with the .reg extension. Do this:
  1. Extract ResetLogon.reg.txt to disk
  2. Change the file name to ResetLogon.reg by removing the .txt extension (you won’t be able to do that if you have Windows configured to hide extensions for well-known file types. That’s a property of each folder so if you can’t see the .txt on the name when you copy the file to disk you’ll need to change the folder options.)
  3. Right-click ResetLogon.reg and select Merge
  4. You’ll get a prompt from Registry Editor asking if you want to add the information from that file to the registry – answer Yes
  5. Then you should see a second popup from Registry Editor saying the information was added – click OK

The next time that you start Outlook you should see a prompt from the Email History add-in asking for your logon.

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