Introducing a New Mobile Client for the LeadMaster Sales Lead Management CRM

Introducing LeadMaster Mobile, a new application for mobile access to the LeadMaster sales lead management CRM system, accessible from any browser-enabled mobile device. It empowers organizations by providing them with robust sales and marketing tools and real-time information.

The LeadMaster mobile application works with any web-enabled mobile phone or Internet device. It provides customers with the ability to create, view and edit contact records and sales opportunities. As sales leads flow into the LeadMaster system in real-time, the mobile client makes it easy for managers to assign sales leads for follow-up. Sales reps can review the contact history, attach notes, schedule callbacks, update the lead status, add prospects to lead nurturing tracks and more – just by using their mobile phone.

Lead management automation, marketing automation, and workflow automation are available through the mobile client, as well. For example, using a single checkbox on LeadMaster Mobile a sales rep can:
1.     Update the sales lead status to ‘Contract Signed’
2.     Update the sales stage to ‘Sold-Won’
3.     Update the record type from prospect to customer
4.     Record the contract signed date
5.     Place a comment/note on the contact record
6.     Send an email and text message to management
7.     Send the client a personalized ‘thank you’ email
8.     Add the client to a ‘post sale’ lead nurturing track
9.     Place a follow-up event / call-back on the reps calendar
10.    Assign the contact record to the customer support team for post sales activities

The LeadMaster sales lead management CRM mobile interface is modeled after the traditional LeadMaster browser interface so no training is required. Users who are familiar with the traditional LeadMaster interface will feel right at home. This provides immediate benefits when using the LeadMaster Mobile application.

LeadMaster’s CMO, Andy Brownell states, “One of our primary design criteria was to provide a universal application that worked on any mobile device. In addition, we wanted LeadMaster Mobile to take advantage of the available screen resolution on a wide variety of phones and operating systems. Our solution was to query the type of mobile device and then format the application specifically for that device. The end result is a much better experience for the user.”

This new LeadMaster Mobile application is available free of charge to all LeadMaster customers.

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