LeadMaster F.A.Q – timeout warning and extending login time

When I get a timeout warning and click the button to extend my time does it add another 60 minutes?

  • That depends.  Timeouts are hierarchical and dependent upon their settings.  The order of precedence is:
    1. Workgroup (up to 60 minutes)
    2. System (set at 60 minutes)
  • Of course, the caveat to the above is that the shortest timeout takes precedence, regardless.  All timeouts with the exception of the System timeout can be modified.  No timeout will extend beyond the System timeout of 60 minutes.

Connections Issues & System Time Out How does the ‘Time Out’ feature work, where LeadMaster automatically logs you out?

  • The LeadMaster application, like other web applications, relies on constant communication between the server and the user to maintain a viable session, much the same as a phone call. The message of “Timed Out” does not convey the full range of reasons for receiving the message.
  • You will be ‘timed out’ if a record hasn’t been updated within the timeout period. Only clicking on the “Go”, “Submit” or “Continue” buttons are actions that will update a record and reset the System Timeout clock. Simply typing notes into a field, or selecting something from a drop down list or check boxes, will not trigger resetting the System Timeout clock. The maximum timeout available is 60 minutes.
  • A session can be “Timed Out” because the user exceeded the time limit for give and take communications with the application, usually caused by a blip anywhere on the Internet between the user’s pc and LeadMaster servers that caused the connection to terminate (think of a cell phone call being dropped mid conversation) or because the user was using the browsers back/forward buttons instead of the navigation within the application.
  • On rare occasions and this ONLY pertains to logons that have multiple people using the same logon, a user will be “Timed Out” because whomever else uses that same logon has inadvertently booted the first user off.

Does the System provide any warning prior to be “Timed Out” of the system due to 60 minutes worth of inactivity?

  • We sometimes hear that a user had no warning they were going to be “Timed Out” of the system due to 60 minutes worth of inactivity because they didn’t remember to save (click the Go button) before they took off for lunch, went to a meeting or had an extended phone call.
  • LeadMaster does have a Workgroup level setting for the “Time Out” period. While it does not allow the time out period to exceed the 60 minutes, it DOES trigger a pop-up window with a warning that in 5 minutes the user is going to be timed out.
  • In the event that a user did get timed out we suggest making a note of their changes on the record, copy/paste notes/comments into another application so that when you log back into the system from being timed out you can quickly paste your notes back into the record and save it with minimal time loss.


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