New Feature – Request Update to Records from Accounts / Search Results

Lead-Xpress is a popular feature in LeadMaster.  It allows you to send an email to a rep which includes a link to a form.  The form is linked to the CRM so an account or lead can be updated by the rep without having to log in.  It takes seconds to update a record, typically no training is required because the form can be customized and many reps do the update from their mobile phone.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a sales manager could request an update on multiple accounts by sending a single email?  Starting next week that feature will be available.

From the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Search Results’ pages, requests to update records sent to account managers and partner reps now sends a single email message to each individual account manager and / or partner rep.

The body of the email message will contain information about each record for which a ‘request to update’ has been sent and a link to update information for that record.

Email Notification to Request Updates for Multiple Records

Email Notification to Request Updates for Multiple Records

When configuring the email notification message for requests to update multiple records, the ‘Body’ contains general information about the request, and the ‘Record Detail’ contains information for each record in the request.


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