Enhancements to the LeadMaster Web Services API

LeadMaster is introducing enhancements to the API.  These will be rolled into production on 12/9/2011.

If you are using the API you’ll need to make modifications to your code.

You can test changes using http://api.leadmaster.com/Dev/LMService/LMService.asmx

The following functions in the api have been affected:

  • SearchLead   (MODIFIED)
  • UpdateLead    (MODIFIED)
  • LMSearchLead (MODIFIED)
  • LMUpdateLead (MODIFIED)
  • GetOpportunity (REMOVED)
  • SearchOpportunity (ADDED – replaces GetOpportunity)
  • SearchOpportunityProduct (MODIFIED)
  • UpdateOpportunity    (MODIFIED)
  • LMGetOpportunity (REMOVED)
  • LMSearchOpportunity (ADDED – replaces LMGetOpportunity)
  • LMUpdateOpportunity (MODIFIED)
  • UpdatePartner    (MODIFIED)
  • UpdatePartnerRep    (MODIFIED)
  • UpdateSalesMgr    (MODIFIED)
  • UpdateSalesRep    (MODIFIED)
  • LMUpdatePartner  (MODIFIED)
  • LMUpdatePartnerRep  (MODIFIED)
  • LMUpdateSalesMgr  (MODIFIED)
  • LMUpdateSalesRep  (MODIFIED)


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