New Feature – Workflow Automation and Custom Forms

LeadMaster Marketing Automation and Workflow Automation are tremendously powerful features that now include custom forms.

First, let’s review a sample automation (if you’re already familiar with workflow you can jump down to the paragraph that starts with Incorporating LeadMaster workflow into a custom form).

In the image below, the automation does the following when someone registers for a webinar:

  1. When a new registration comes into the system via landing page or web form it gets assigned a marketing campaign. In this example this happens through the Edit Profile fields on the custom form.  It could just as easily have been incorporated as a hidden field on the form and sent along with all the other registration information.   This automation is looking for new records associated with this campaign.  When the automation sees a new record for this campaign it goes to work.
  2. It adds the registrant to a lead nurturing track.  The lead nurturing track is defined elsewhere as far as the emails sent, the scheduled followup phone calls, timing etc.
  3. It assigns the record to a sales rep.  It could also assign the record to a rep via logic (zip code, lead value, product type etc.) or via round robin.
  4. It sends a text message to the assigned sales rep to let them know that someone has just registered for the webinar and they have 15 minutes to update the record or this registration will be reassigned to another rep.  In this case, the expectation is the rep would reach out to the registrant and would mark the record that they had done so which would be a ‘record update’.  This can be much more specific if desired.
  5. It sends an email to the person who registered for the webinar thanking them for registering – basically an autoresponder.
  6. It creates a LeadMaster ‘Task’ that watches the records lead status and it if hasn’t changed from ‘Have Not Reached’ in the next 15 minutes it will automatically reassign the record.  Some inside call teams that use LeadMaster have this set as low as 5 minutes.
Sample LeadMaster Marketing / Workflow Automation

Sample LeadMaster Marketing / Workflow Automation

There are many other actions that could accompany this example.  Here’s a list of the available actions for this workflow.

Workflow Actions

Workflow Actions

Incorporating LeadMaster workflow into a custom form has two prerequisites:

  • One or more fields on the custom form needs to be mapped to a special interest field
  • The custom form must be attached to the record (inline forms don’t support workflow)
Workflow for custom forms works for both adding new records and updating existing records.

Let’s look at an example.  Suppose you’re doing a survey about pets and you want to initiate a lead nurturing track specific for the pet owner .  You’ll want to make sure they are assigned the correct pet lead nurturing track – you wouldn’t want a cat owner to get the dog owner emails.

First you setup the custom form with your survey question and have that mapped to a special interest field.

Custom Form Field Mapped to a Special Interest Field

Custom Form Field Mapped to a Special Interest Field

Here’s what it looks like on the custom form.

Pet Type Field on the Custom Form

Pet Type Field on the Custom Form

Then you create a workflow to add this person’s email to a lead nurturing track whenever the field ‘Pet Type’ contains Dog.

Workflow to Add to Lead Nurturing Track

Workflow to Add to Lead Nurturing Track

That’s all there is to creating workflows using custom form fields.  Now you can create workflows for virtually anything.  For example, suppose you are visiting a new doctor and you are filling out a healthcare survey on a LeadMaster custom form using a iPad.  If you selected diabetes as one of your conditions LeadMaster can automatically add you to an informational lead nurturing track, add scheduled callback reminders for the nursing staff and schedule regular checkups to see how you’re doing.  The possibilities are endless.


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