Do you need marketing automation?

Marketing automation is all about automating the process of informing prospects about what you have to offer and getting them closer to a purchase decision before handing them over to the sales team.  For example, here’s one way that LeadMaster does that.  LeadMaster has built in E-Marketing and Lead Nurturing functionality so you can easily send emails to prospects over an extended period of time.  Set it up once and forget about it.

LeadMaster keeps track of who opened your emails and can take action based upon that information.  Using LeadMaster’s marketing automation you can adjust lead nurturing tracks based upon emails that are opened and links that are clicked.  For example, suppose you sell outdoor products for the home: landscaping, hot tubs, storage, lighting, fences, solar products, irrigation etc.  I think you’d agree that each of those are unique and if someone is interested in a fence, that sending them information on a hot tub probably wouldn’t be of interest to them.

Using LeadMaster’s marketing automation you can add prospects to a specific lead nurturing track depending upon the link they chose to click on in your E-Marketing email – say solar products, you can then add that person to a lead nurturing track specifically tailored to solar products.

Ok, you’ve done a good job driving people to your website and getting them to fill out one of your web forms or landing pages.  You’ve generated a lead, but what’s happening with that lead?  As in the example above are you communicating with the prospect to inform them about your solution that is specifically targeted to what they are interest in? If not, then you need marketing automation.

If your lead management system is like most companies your sales team either receives leads via email and they get lost in Outlook or the leads flow into the CRM system and who knows what happens to them after that.

You’ve seen the surveys that say most leads are never followed up on.  There are a variety of reasons.

  • They get lost in the shuffle.
  • Reps are too busy.
  • The leads aren’t qualified.
  • The rep called and left a message and they didn’t hear back from them.
  • They weren’t ready to send a purchase order today.
  • Too busy trolling for leads on facebook.
  • The list goes on and on.

I saw a cartoon on the Sales Lead Management Association website that had the boss asking about a lead for Fred Flintstone.  That’s what happens when leads flow directly into the sales rep’s CRM system without some form of qualification.  Whether the leads are going to be marketing qualified, inside sales qualified or sales team qualified, using LeadMaster as your marketing automation system can help you manage those leads.

Here are some examples:

  • The manager responsible for lead qualification wants internet leads followed up within 30 minutes.  Use LeadMaster’s task management create a task so that if the lead status doesn’t change within 30 minutes an alert is sent to the sales manager.
  • If the lead isn’t followed up in 60 minutes the lead can be automatically reassigned to another rep.  An alert is automatically sent to the rep who is getting the reassigned lead via a text message or email.
  • Reports can be generated to show the average time each rep takes to respond to a lead, the leads processed per day, how many were qualified, how many appointments were set etc.
  • There are many options for automating the qualification process in LeadMaster.

Beyond managing the qualification process LeadMaster helps manage the lead all the way through the sales process.

Here are some examples:

  • The sales manager wants to know if sales progress has stalled.  If each step in the sales cycle takes 1 week and the sale hasn’t progressed in two weeks send an email to sales rep & sales manager.
  • The sales manager wants to know the size of the opportunity within two weeks of a new lead coming in.  Create a task so that if the lead value hasn’t been entered within two weeks of assignment then send an email to the sales manager and cc: the rep.
  • The sales manager wants inside sales to talk with a customer if a deal hasn’t closed in 90 days.  Create a task so that if a lead reaches 90 days and hasn’t closed a notice is sent to inside sales and the sales manager.
  • The sales manager is having a hard time keeping track of sales leads.  Many leads have the lead status ‘could not reach’ for months.  It appears the rep tried to reach them a couple of times and then forgot about them.  Create a task so that whenever a new lead is assigned if lead status = ‘could not reach’ an email is sent to the rep every couple of days with a reminder to call that prospect until 14 days later when it is reassigned to inside sales.

If you’re thinking about marketing automation and you need help convincing your boss check out the articles on the Software Advice marketing automation website.


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