New Feature – Post to Demographic Fields without a Custom Form

LeadMaster has extensive capability for posting information into LeadMaster.  HTTP Post, also referred to as posting is a standard way of exchanging data between computers.  If you need a refresher here’s a link to Wikipedia on HTTP Post.

There’s a built-in tool in the LeadMaster system that is accessible through administration called ‘Map Web Forms to Custom Forms’ that makes it easy for anyone to post data to LeadMaster.  No programming required.

This feature is detailed on the LeadMaster website and in this PDF document.  The ‘Map Web Forms to Custom Forms’ tool makes getting data from your website, landing pages etc point-and-click easy.

The way this feature works is to start by creating a custom form and map those fields from the web form to the custom form using the Map Web Forms to Custom Forms tool.  When the data is posted to LeadMaster it creates a new record and all the data from the web form then appears on the custom form in your LeadMaster database.

Sample Custom Form

Sample Custom Form

if you’d like data from the custom form in he demographic fields (name, address, phone, email etc) in the database then you would need to map the custom form fields to the demographic fields in the database.

Custom Form Fields in the Map Web Form to Custom Forms Tool

Custom Form Fields in the Map Web Form to Custom Forms ToolCustom Form Fields

Customers requested the ability to post directly to demographic fields instead of having to post to the custom form and then map to the demographic fields.  Now with this enhancement you are able to post directly to demographic fields.

Post Directly to Demographic Fields

Post Directly to Demographic Fields

If you provide leads as your business, LeadMaster custom forms make it easy for you to provide all of the detail in your leads.

Here are a few examples:

Auto Insurance Leads

Homeowners Insurance Leads

Life Insurance Leads

Long Term Care Insurance Leads

Whether you are buying or selling leads, LeadMaster makes it easy to capture and track the information that’s important to you, for any industry.

If you are interested in finding out more about the LeadMaster Lead Provider Program please click here to visit the page on our website or click on this PDF (Lead Provider Integration Guide).  Click here to see a list of Lead Providers that are integrated with LeadMaster.


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