New Feature – Field Masking on Custom Forms

If you have sensitive data that you’d like to store in LeadMaster, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, you’ll want to use Field Masking.

Here’s how to setup it up.  When adding a field to a custom form, select an encrypted text field.  You’ll see a window like the image below.

Field Masking Setup

Field Masking Setup

Here’s an explanation for each of these options:

  • Section – if you have multiple sections in your custom form, select the section for this field.
  • Question – this is the label for the field name.  In this case I’ve entered ‘Credit Card #’.
  • Type – this is non-editable and is based upon your selection of field type.
  • Field Mask– this is where you set up what characters you want hidden, which ones you want visible and the format of the field.
    • A ‘#’ indicated a hidden field.  After clicking submit on the form this character will be permanently hidden.
    • An ‘x’ indicated a visible field.  After clicking submit on the form you’ll still be able to see this character.
    • A ‘-‘ dash is simply a separator to make it easier to work with.
    • A ‘;’ semi-colon allows you to have multiple field masks – for example credit card #, expiration date and CCV in the same field.
  • Size – this is the displayed length of the field.
  • Maximum Length – this is the maximum number of characters allowed in that field.
  • Datatype– is the type of data you plan on entering into the field.  The choices are:
    • Text
    • Date
    • Number
  • Required – if you select yes then this it becomes mandatory to enter data before the system will allow you to click submit.
  • Read Only – allows you to have a field that doesn’t accept data entry.
  • Order – tells the system where to place it on the custom form.  If the number is 1 then it is the first field on the custom form.

Once the field has been setup and the custom form has been compiled it is ready for data entry.  You’ll notice in the image below that the information in the masked field (Credit Card #) is completely visible until the user clicks the Submit button.

Data Entry Masked Field

Data Entry Masked Field

After clicking the submit button the field is then masked whenever the data is reviewed as illustrated in the image below.

Reviewing Masked Field After Data Entry

Reviewing Masked Field After Data Entry

Once the information is masked is not visible to any type of user.


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