Tracking Calls with LeadMaster

There are many ways to track calls with LeadMaster and here’s one of my favorites.  I like the method in this example because it only uses one field in the sales progress section and one call stat / click action.

To setup LeadMaster to track call attempts using this method you will need to first customize one of the fields in the system with a label ‘Call Attempts’.  I like to use one of the fields in the sales progress area for two reasons:

  1. The sales progress fields are tied into the reports.
  2. Using a sales progress field is convenient for setting the call attempt count back to zero using the update records function.
Tracking Call Attempts Field & Click Action / Call Stat

Tracking Call Attempts Field & Click Action / Call Stat

The second thing you need to do is create a simple workflow that changes the number in the Call Attempts field each time the Call Attempt checkbox is checked.  This is a simple workflow as illustrated below.

Please note – the logic starts by assigning the number zero when a record is entered into the system and then starts checking at the highest number you want to track and going down from there.  If you started at 1 and went up the logic would run all the way to the end the first time you made a call attempt.

Tracking Phone Calls Workflow

Tracking Phone Calls Workflow

Using this method you can track phone calls for as long as you want and the number can get as large as you want.

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