New Feature – Admin can Delete Tasks for Others

There’s a new feature for the task manager.  Before I explain it, let me refresh your memory about the LeadMaster task manager.  The Task Manager provides a business rules feature for managing your sales process and leads. With task management integrated into ‘Automation and Workflow Management’, a task can be created and associated with a specific record and can be assigned to the group, account manager, partner or partner rep associated with the record.  Tasks are considered complete when a specific action has been completed.  Those actions can be based upon a variety of conditions such as – sales stage, lead status, campaign, lead value, forecast date, lead source, marketing mix, custom fields and more.

You can read more about it here:

Task Management was designed so that only the Group and Partner had the ability to delete tasks.  This presented a problem for some users.  For example, Lead-Xpress users might not have logons for the Group or Partner.  How could they delete tasks?  To address this issue LeadMaster enhanced the application to allow an admin to delete tasks.

Admin can Delete LeadMaster Business Rule Tasks

Admin can Delete LeadMaster Business Rule Tasks

To display all of the current tasks, select the ‘Sales Team – Tasks Report’.  Under the options menu you’ll see a menuitem for deleting tasks.  Tasks can be deleted one at a time or you can select an entire page for deletion.

One final note, if you have tasks for a user and you delete that user from the hierarchy, the tasks will disappear also.

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