New Features – Using Gmail as an alternate email server

Back in November of 2010 LeadMaster introduced  the ability for customers to use their own email servers when sending email from LeadMaster.

We’ve received requests from customers who use Gmail as their primary email address to allow them to use Gmail as an alternate mail server.  Good news.  Now you can.  The configuration parameters are as follows:

SMTP Mail Server:
SMTP Port: 587
Use SMTP Authentication: checked
Username & Password: Valid Gmail account

Access to configuring the email server is a higher level security feature and isn’t available to end users, so please contact your LeadMaster representative and they’ll do the configuration for you.

Here’s the original announcement from November 2010.

With the release of the latest round of E-Marketing enhancements to the LeadMaster Lead Management / CRM application, some customers had requested the ability to use their own email server so that email is delivered from their domain instead of the LeadMaster domain.

This feature is now available in the administration section via the selection ‘Alternate Outgoing Email Server Settings’.

By default, all outbound email message sent from LeadMaster are sent via a LeadMaster email server. These messages include the following:

1. Individual email messages sent to a contact (from the “Sales Update”, “Edit Profile” and “View Profile” pages)

2. Bulk email messages sent from the “Search Results”, “Accounts” and “Contacts” pages

3. Email messages sent via the “E-Marketing” feature

4. Notification email messages sent as a result of assigning a lead or requesting an update to a lead or assigning a callback

5. Email messages sent as actions for workflow automation processes

To configure an alternate email server for sending outbound email messages from LeadMaster:

1. From ‘Administration’ / ‘Alternate Outgoing Email Server Settings’, configure the settings for the email server.

Alernate Email Server Configuration Page

Alernate Email Server Configuration Page

Please note:

a. The ‘Default “From Name”’ and ‘Default “From Address”’ fields are required but in most all cases overridden.

b. The ‘SMTP Mail Server’, ‘SMTP Port’, ‘Uses SMTP Authentication’, ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ field values depend on the requirements of the outbound email server.

c. Once configured, you can test the settings by sending an email message to yourself. Any errors reported by the test will be displayed.

d. The ‘Use this account for outgoing email messages’ field must be checked in order for LeadMaster to use the alternate email server for sending outbound email messages.

When an alternate outgoing email server is configured, LeadMaster will attempt to use that email server for sending email messages. If there is an error sending an outbound email message using the alternate outgoing email server, LeadMaster will default to using its own email server to send the email message. Any errors encountered using the alternate outbound email server will be logged.

If you’d like to take advantage of this feature please contact your authorized LeadMaster reseller so that they can enable / configure this feature for you.

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