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New Feature – Integration with Bedrock Data provides integration with platforms like Hubspot™, GoToWebinar™, MailChimp™, iContact™, Constant Contact™ and many more

May 14, 2013

LeadMaster is pleased to announce the completion of their CRM application integration with Bedrock Data. The integration provides an automatic synchronization for new and updated records for both standard and custom fields within LeadMaster.

Bedrock uses a simple point and click wizard to guide the user through the process of getting data to flow seamlessly between supported web apps. Bedrock works by first defining a ‘mapping’ of fields that are to be synchronized between systems. Next the user defines which system should take precedence in the event of a conflict. Then the user enters credentials to verify access to the systems and the setup is complete. Once the systems have been authenticated, clicking on the ‘Activate’ button starts the integration. From that point forward the synchronization happens automatically. Every 5 minutes any new records and any changes to existing records are synchronized between the authenticated systems.

According to Russ King, LeadMaster CEO, “The partnership with Bedrock provides our growing customer base with more choices with respect to utilizing specific cloud-based applications they need to run their business. Customers can use LeadMaster as the central sales and marketing automation platform and seamlessly exchange key data between LeadMaster and their accounting system as well as other practical business applications”.

Integration is about more than just the convenience of not having to export and import data, it’s also about enabling automation in your sales and marketing efforts. Having sales and marketing systems integrated provides:

  • Automated quick transfer of leads from your marketing to your sales teams.
  • Automated email marketing based on data from the CRM system.
  • The ability to easily customize which data goes where.

Ben Smith, co-founder of Bedrock Data, says “The Bedrock Data team is really excited to provide our integration platform to the users of LeadMaster. We know how valuable CRM data can be when it is leveraged in other systems and are glad that we can help LeadMaster users extract this value from their data.”

All of the data that moves between systems is transmitted over a secure HTTPS (SSL) connection, so any data that crosses the web is encrypted.

Andy Brownell, LeadMaster CMO said, “We want to provide our customers with an easy to use system that is integrated seamlessly with other popular platforms. For example, by using the Bedrock integration our customers can have Hubspot™ and GoToWebinar™ leads flow into the LeadMaster system and start a marketing automation workflow or get leads assigned via round-robin to a rep or partner.”

The Bedrock data integration platform is immediately available for $99/month for two systems and each additional integration cost $50 per system per month for unlimited records.

About Bedrock Data

Bedrock was an idea that was formed by a group of internet technology professionals who, after working with web applications everyday of their lives, decided that they wanted a solution that could make it easy to pass data between these web systems via their APIs for the benefit of their customers.

We’ve build a data integration platform that performs data-driven integrations between web application and other systems. We take pride in easy-to-use, UI driven integrations that don’t require a developer to setup – our integrations are intended to benefit the marketing and sales professional.

We started by integrating just a few systems and are working hard to incorporate more all the time. If you’re looking for a system that we don’t currently integrate, please let us know and we’ll get in touch and chat about it.

The Bedrock Data platform is available with a 14 day free trial at

New Feature – Update Special Interest Sections via Workflow

May 13, 2013

When you use workflow to update records you now have the additional choices of the special interest fields to update.  When setting up a workflow, add an action and select ‘Update Record’.



Update Records Special Interest Fields via Workflow

Update Records Special Interest Fields via Workflow