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New LeadMaster Feature – Record Locking

June 14, 2013

When multiple users have access to a set of records, the record locking feature allows the users access to the information without the risk of overriding another user’s work.  If one user has opened a record and another wants to access that same record, the system will provide a limited view of the record with a “Record is currently locked” warning tells the user that another person is working with that record.

This is a great way for a group of users, like an inside sales team, to work on a set of records without having to assign them to individual users.


Locked Record

Locked Record

Enabling record locking at the workgroup level requires admin privileges.  It’s a simple drop down menu to turn it on or off.  You can also set the expiration time for when a record is locked – this avoid the situation where someone opens a record and then goes out to lunch, forgetting to log out.  When enabled in the workgroup settings, you can  adjust the settings to unlock the record after a period of time.

Turning on Record Locking

Turning on Record Locking

TCO Calculator – SaaS vs. On-Premise from Software Advice

June 10, 2013

Over the years I’ve had frequent requests for a calculator that would illustrate the cost differential between an on-premise and SaaS CRM / Lead Management solutions.

There have been several studies by the various research groups – Forrester etc. but until recently I hadn’t seen a good calculator that allowed you to enter your specific parameters and see the long term TCO.

I came across the TCO Calculator from Software Advice.  After experimenting with it and plugging in several different scenarios I think you’ll agree it does a good job.

Give it a try and let me know what you think