New Feature – Lead-Xpress Portal

If you are a Lead-Xpress user, you can now access all of your Lead-Xpress leads through an online portal.  For those of you not familiar with Lead-Xpress here are some previous blog posts.

To create a link to  the portal for the Lead-Xpress user’s leads you’ll need access to the Administration function ‘Email Notification Content’.  Select the ‘Lead-Xpress Notification – Single Record Assignment’ email notification option.  On that page you’ll see a drop down menu for merge fields in the body of the email.  Select the category ‘Lead-Xpress’ and select the merge field ‘Lead-Xpress – All Accounts Link’.

Lead-Xpress Link to Portal

Lead-Xpress Link to Portal

The ‘All Accounts Link’ will take the user to their portal, which looks like this.

Lead-Xpress Portal

Lead-Xpress Portal

Clicking on any of the links in the portal will take the user to their standard Lead-Xpress update page, which looks like this.

Lead-Xpress Update Page

Lead-Xpress Update Page

The standard Lead-Xpress links still work.  You do not need to go through the portal to access the standard Lead-Xpress update page.  All of the existing security remains in force for both the Lead-Xpress update page as well as the portal.

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