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New Feature – Automatically De-duplicate Leads as they Arrive in LeadMaster

January 28, 2014

If you have leads coming into your LeadMaster system from a website, a web form or landing pages using the ‘Map Web Forms’ function or if you have leads coming into LeadMaster via an HTTP Post you can setup  automatic de-duplication for those leads.

 To access the de-duplcate feature you’ll need access to the Administration function.  To de-duplicate leads coming in from a website or landing page select the ‘Map Web Forms’ function and follow the instructions in the wizard.

De-duplicate Map Web Forms to LeadMaster

De-duplicate Map Web Forms to LeadMaster

After mapping fields from the form to LeadMaster you are presented with an option to select fields to use to see if the new record coming into the system is a duplicate.  When duplicates are found there are several options
  • Add Anyway
  • Skip
  • Add & Archive
  • Add & Delete
Access to the HTTP Post setup has the same options and is available through your LeadMaster representative.