New Feature – Moving Custom Forms from One Record to Another

Over the last 16 years LeadMaster has been used in every industry you can think of.  One of the reasons is the LeadMaster custom form.  It is basically a blank page that allows you, the user, to create the fields for the data you want to keep track of.  Field types include – text, text area, numbers, dates, single select, radio buttons, multi-select, checkboxes, summed question and upload file.

Now there’s a new way to use custom forms – they can be moved from one record to another.  Suppose you are an art auction house with the description of each individual piece of art recorded on a custom form.  When the art is sold you are now able to move the custom form from your inventory to the customer’s contact record.  Here’s how it works.


First find the record with the custom form.

Custom Form on Record

Custom Form on Record – Notice the Move button on the Right hand Side

Click on the Move button on the right hand side.  A window appears listing all of the companies in your database.  You can use the search box to find the company.

Custom Form Move

Select the Company Where You’d like the Custom Form to Move onto

When you click on the name of the company LeadMaster will confirm that you want to move it.  Click OK and the custom form is moved.

Custom Form Move Confirmed

Custom Form Move Confirmed

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