New Feature – User Selectable Smart Queues

In July 2013 LeadMaster introduced ‘Smart Queues’.  Smart Queues provide the ability to organize leads from different sources and feed those to the user in prioritized order. Once users enter one of the Smart Queues they simply click on ‘Get Lead’ and the Smart Queue determines which lead has the highest priority and delivers that to the users.

The Smart Queue is easy to configure.  Select the availability of the records (this prevents the system from displaying a west coast record at 8am on the east coast), specify the search criteria for the records that will be included in this queue (for example trade show leads), select the sort options (for example select Call Attempts Ascending and you’ll get those records that haven’t been called yet) select the users who you want to have access to the queue and it’s ready to go.


Smart Queue

Smart Queue


This latest enhancement allows you to define individual queues for unique groups of callers.  For example you might want to organize your queues by product, geography, customer service rep or by any of the many fields available in the search engine.


User Selectable Smart Queues

User Selectable Smart Queues

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