Call Center

LeadMaster offers both Call Center Solutions and Call Center Services.

The LeadMaster application platform is a perfect solution for call centers. Whether you have 5 agents or 500, the LeadMaster solution can help you build your business by streamlining call center functions.  The web-based software provides an easy-to-use interface for your telephone agents to enter data while also enabling you to analyze results in real-time.

Powerful simplicity. With a familiar browser-based interface, your telephone sales representatives (TSRs) will find the system extremely intuitive.  You can create unlimited web forms — no programming expertise required — to guide your reps through each call whether you use a defined script with pick lists or a call guide with key probes and open-ended questions. Your TSRs simply enter the responses in the online form.  Optional prompts for spell check and data confirmation provide improved accuracy. Each call is submitted directly into the online system with the click of the mouse, making the data available in real time.

Close the loop. By directing all of the data generated by each campaign into a central database, you can assign qualified leads directly to the sales team and help ensure that the leads generated by the campaign are followed up, not lost in a black hole.  Leads requiring further qualification and nurturing can be tagged for additional marketing efforts – now or in the future.  The LeadMaster system also provides a built-in feedback mechanism to help you learn more about which programs are delivering the best results.

Refine campaigns and uncover new opportunities. As your knowledgebase builds, one of your jobs will be to monitor results and analyze campaign effectiveness.  LeadMaster makes that easy by storing all call script questions and answers in a fully indexed format so that you can perform detailed searches on the results in order to uncover new opportunities and refine the strategies for future campaigns.

Building blocks for success. Most likely, the call center is just one prong of your marketing attack.  LeadMaster can act as your centralized online database where you can funnel data from all of your marketing touchpoints, including field sales, websites and microsites, direct mail, reply cards, e-marketing, trade shows and more.

Leverage the web. Your staff may be down the hall, across the country or working from their homes. As a web-based solution, LeadMaster breaks down the barriers of time zones and geography, making the same tool available to everyone, 24/7.  And they can work from anywhere with just a web browser.  LeadMaster’s web-based subscription model also offers a number of other advantages, including no capital investment, no support costs and low monthly fees.  Plus, you pay only for what you need, with flexibility to scale the solution as your business grows.

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    Thanks for posting this; just found your blog searching around. Keep up the good work!

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