LeadMaster works with clients to uncover unseen opportunities, increase revenue and accelerate growth.

LeadMaster has a team of consultants and closed-loop ROI drivers that work together to deliver your message to your target audience, generate leads and increase sales. We utilize the LeadMaster CRM technology to provide tangible benefits to every part of the sales process.

Our team of experts ensures that you get the most out of your sales and marketing campaigns by driving to key decision makers and uncovering new potential. Information obtained is housed in an online database that you have access to anytime, anywhere you can connect to the internet.

Demand Generation

LeadMaster combines contact center services and lead driving capabilities to create and promote sales growth. We ensure that your brand message reaches your target market via one-on-one connections with your target audience. Our experienced specialists will engage prospects in open- ended conversations that drive to key information regarding sales cycles, budgets and sales opportunities. The highlights of these conversations flow into your online database providing anytime, anywhere internet access. Our experienced lead drivers will follow the lead from cultivation to the close of the sale to track progress and measure your return on investment.

LeadMaster’s Demand Generation programs will maximize the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team, and ensure that every marketing dollar spent is maximized with constant follow up, monitoring and measurement.

Lead Drivers

LeadMaster provides not just the technology to support lead generation and overall CRM efforts, but also the people behind the process.  Our Lead Drivers are seasoned call center professionals working from remote offices across North America.  With decades of experience, our experienced remote agents can complement your existing staff or provide you with a virtual call center of your own. Our Lead Drivers — many of whom boast decades of experience in the field — come from professional corporate backgrounds with proven track records of developing relationships with decision makers at a senior level.

Appointment Setting

LeadMaster specializes in appointment setting campaigns for business-to-business companies. Our approach to appointment setting is based on proven and professional solution-focused methodology designed to uncover sales leads and increase revenue. LeadMaster utilizes industry professionals with years of appointment setting experience to uncover the correct contact and schedule meetings for you and your sales team. Our professional dialogue and conversational approach is used to create long lasting relationships. LeadMaster will focus on getting face-to-face meetings with key decision makers so that you can focus on your core business.

Business Intelligence

Forward thinking companies of all sizes rely on LeadMaster to ensure that their marketing efforts are strategic, effective and measurable. The LeadMaster team is equipped with advanced database tools and access to the most comprehensive list of executive decision makers across a wide variety of industries. Our solutions ensure that you have customer information and market intelligence at your finger tips. Our business development team can conduct telemarketing campaigns to uncover key information such as buying habits, current vendors, budgets, timeframes and more. We can also organize and optimize data from a variety of sources such as direct mail campaigns, web forms and event registrations. No matter where the information originated, it flows directly into your online database. As leads are entered, they can be automatically assigned to reps and partners, and automatic email notifications can be sent.

Closed-loop ROI Programs Campaign evaluation and analysis are essential to ensure that the marketing dollars spent yield the return on investment expected. LeadMaster provides the tools necessary to measure return on investment for sales and marketing initiatives. By providing intuitive data mining and reporting tools, our system allows you to get a quick snapshot of campaign effectiveness. You can find out instantly how many leads are being generated, the amount of revenue potential produced and if the campaign is reaching the target audience. By examining your campaign, you can adjust and align activities to ensure maximum effectiveness and market penetration. LeadMaster also gives you the power to monitor and ensure that leads are followed up on in a timely manner.

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