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New Version of the LeadMaster App for IOS Devices

October 14, 2014

LeadMaster has a new version of the LeadMaster App (1.0.4) for Apple devices available as a free download from the Apple Store.

The new version includes improved graphics, bug fixes, a new navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and compatibility with IOS 8.

New Feature – Keep Appointments on Calendar After Marking Them as Done

August 22, 2014

LeadMaster makes it easy to schedule call backs and appointments through a variety of means beyond simply adding an appointment to the calendar.  You can add appointments through Quick Actions, Workflow, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing etc.

Now when you mark those appointments as complete / done you have the option of having them stay on the calendar.  The option is in the User Settings area in the Calendar and Callbacks tab.  If enabled the completed appointments will appear in grey text.

Calendar Option Keep 'Done' Appointments on the Calendar

Calendar Option Keep ‘Done’ Appointments on the Calendar

LeadMaster Announces Advanced Integration with CounterPath and InterFax

July 31, 2014

LeadMaster’s Partner Alliance Program adds phone and fax functionality through integration with third party platforms.

LeadMaster, a leader in sales lead management & marketing automation solutions, announces integrations with CounterPath and InterFax. The new LeadMaster integration with CounterPath’s Bria4 soft phone provides advanced VoIP dialing. The new LeadMaster integration with InterFax provides HIPAA compliant send fax capability.

CounterPath’s latest soft phone product allows LeadMaster users to dramatically improve productivity by simply clicking on a phone number to place a call. The Bria4 is a carrier grade soft phone providing the ability to make and receive phone calls and video calls over the Internet. It also supports instant messaging and file transfer. The Bria4 works on the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems as well as Mac platforms. When used in conjunction with the LeadMaster Smart Queue, this integrated solution provides tremendous efficiency for sales teams, improving both speed to connect and daily call volume. Configuring LeadMaster to support click-to-call with the Bria4 takes only a moment, simply enable click-to-call in LeadMaster, enter VoIP logon credentials into the soft phone and the configuration is complete.

The InterFax integration allows LeadMaster users to send and receive faxes from within the LeadMaster application. The InterFax integration works within the LeadMaster Connector Architecture. The connector architecture is a framework for integrating LeadMaster with third party applications through the built-in LeadMaster workflow function. To enable the send fax function in LeadMaster, the user enters their InterFax user name and password and selects a fax template in the workflow automation function. With the configuration complete, anytime the user wants to send a fax they simply select the checkbox or drop-down menu that activates the workflow. Users can configure different checkboxes to send different fax templates. Sending a fax in LeadMaster is as easy as clicking a checkbox.

These integrations are available today in the standard LeadMaster configuration.

Add Weblinks to LeadMaster – Connect to other Online Applications

May 29, 2014

Weblinks provide a convenient way for you to connect LeadMaster to other online applications, examples include social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as any other applications that you can access through a browser.  Using Weblinks you can quickly and easily look up the profile of any of your contacts / companies.

To create a weblink you’ll need Admin Access.  The typical use is to search the other application for the company or contact that resides in LeadMaster.

For example, suppose you have a new prospect and you want to read about them on FaceBook.

Here’s the search string that you’d put in the Weblink for a Facebook Company search.!Company

Here’s the search string that you’d put in the Weblink for a Facebook Contact search.!CONTACT_LAST_NAME+!CONTACT_FIRST_NAME

Sometimes the software company makes it hard to find the search box without logging in.  Usually with a little exploring you’ll be able to find a place to search.  Twitter is a good example.   Here’s the search string for a Twitter Company Search!Company

New Feature – User Selectable Smart Queues

May 16, 2014

In July 2013 LeadMaster introduced ‘Smart Queues’.  Smart Queues provide the ability to organize leads from different sources and feed those to the user in prioritized order. Once users enter one of the Smart Queues they simply click on ‘Get Lead’ and the Smart Queue determines which lead has the highest priority and delivers that to the users.

The Smart Queue is easy to configure.  Select the availability of the records (this prevents the system from displaying a west coast record at 8am on the east coast), specify the search criteria for the records that will be included in this queue (for example trade show leads), select the sort options (for example select Call Attempts Ascending and you’ll get those records that haven’t been called yet) select the users who you want to have access to the queue and it’s ready to go.


Smart Queue

Smart Queue


This latest enhancement allows you to define individual queues for unique groups of callers.  For example you might want to organize your queues by product, geography, customer service rep or by any of the many fields available in the search engine.


User Selectable Smart Queues

User Selectable Smart Queues

New Feature – Merging Fields from Opportunities into Quote/Proposal Templates

May 16, 2014

LeadMaster has Opportunity Management as one of the basic functions in the system.  It includes storing, searching, emailing and reporting on opportunities.  LeadMaster also has a customizable Quote / Proposal system.  Now the two features have come together with the addition of merging data from opportunities into quotes and proposals.

Start with a Quote Template.  You can either use one of the pre-defined professional looking templates or create your own.

Start by Using one of the Pre-Defined Quote Templates or Create Your Own

Start by Using one of the Pre-Defined Quote Templates or Create Your Own

Next select the fields you want to add to your  quote / proposal.  In addition to all of the standard contact fields from the database you also have opportunity fields.


Place the merge fields wherever you want on the template

Place the merge fields wherever you want on the template

After you’ve finished with the design and merge the template is complete and ready to use.  Find the contact and you can create a PDF for printing or sending via email.


The finished Quote-Proposal is Ready to Go

The finished Quote-Proposal is Ready to Go


New Lead-Xpress Feature – Quick Action Sections 2 & 3 Added to the Lead-Xpress Page

May 16, 2014

Lead-Xpress is an inexpensive way to close the loop on sales leads.  It provides the sales lead in an email format with a secure link to the CRM.  Just click on the link to update the record in the CRM – no logging in – nothing to learn – fast & easy.  This way you always know what’s happening with the sales leads and what you sold as a result of the investment you made to get those sales leads.

From: Your Sales Manager
Subject: Lead Update Request
Date: May 16, 2014 at 4:56:16 PM EDT

Dear Bob,

You have a new lead or a request to update an existing opportunity. Please click click here to update the status of this record.  Or click here to go to the portal for access to all of your records –  All Accounts

Company – American Internet Services, LLC.
Contact – Franklin Worth
Pasadena California

When you click on the link in the Lead-Xpress Email it takes you to the customizable ‘Lead-Xpress’ page in a browser.  Lead-Xpress supports all 3 of the LeadMaster Click Action sections – these sections contain checkboxes that are tied to automation.  Click a single checkbox and you can accomplish a variety of tasks – send an email, update the lead status, update the sales stage, make a note in the sales comments etc.
Lead-Xpress Page to Update the CRM

Lead-Xpress Page to Update the CRM

LeadMaster has 3 sets of Click Actions with 18 customizable checkboxes in each.  Previously only the 1st set was available to the Lead-Xpress user.  Now with this update all three sets are available for even greater functionality and flexibility.