As a CRM solution LeadMaster shares business information via the web — in real time — to authorized members, including predefined channel partners, call center representatives, sales representatives, sales management, marketing and corporate executives.

LeadMaster provides a robust solution for customized workflow based upon easy to implement business rules.  For example, LeadMaster automatically accepts data from landing pages, enters it into the LeadMaster database and immediately sends an email to the appropriate representative alerting them to the inquiry and if desired a response to the person who entered the information on the landing page.  Other features include sales forecasting, pipeline management and more.

As a SFA solution, LeadMaster enables sharing of sales leads and other key marketing information.  Sales reps will never miss another call or drop the ball on a follow-up with the built-in reminders – clearly visible on their home page.  The LeadMaster calendar can sync with Outlook and includes an off-line version so reps have access to their data even when they aren’t connected to the network.  The integrated email management system includes automated drip marketing and lead nurturing.  Users can create personalized email templates and send email based upon specific events and business rules.  Managers will find the easy to use dashboard helps monitor the performance of both programs and people.

LeadMaster provides managers the information they need to make informed decisions and improve their performance.  Significant money is invested in lead generation; LeadMaster will get the most out of that investment.  Never before have reps been able to accomplish so much, so fast.  LeadMaster helps reps sell more in less time with fewer resources.

As a Marketing Automation solution LeadMaster is an affordable web-based solution that enables companies to close the loop between marketing and sales and measure campaign ROI.  The web-based campaign management provides powerful tools for data mining.

One Comment on “CRM-SFA”

  1. Desmond Herbert Says:

    The newly added E-Marketing features, especially Lead Nurturing, are a tremendous asset to the way your your business develops. Nurturing your prospects and clients with a series of emails is not only efficient and effective to the way you present your value in your market space, but it can improve the internal culture of your business as well. With enhanced functionality like this, LeadMaster CRM can be key to bridging the gap between Sales and Marketing. LeadMaster, more than ever, is giving your staff the tools to work cohesively in a single space.

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